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Richmond Interiors is shifting its focus to a "special market"

Richmond Interiors celebrated Christmas in its current headquarters for the last time. The Dutch furniture wholesaler is set to move to an entirely new building in the coming year. After nearly 2 years and the installation of 1,289 concrete columns, the celebratory moment is finally approaching. 'The opening is scheduled for April. The current premises will be vacated by that time.' The showroom opening will take a bit longer. 'I expect it to be fully ready around June,' says Lex Tiggeler, director of Richmond Interiors.

Lex Tiggeler, director of Richmond Interiors.

Back to normal
This time of the year is a good moment to look back on the past 12 months. What kind of year has it been for the furniture industry? According to the director of Richmond Interiors, 2023 can be best described as "back to normal".

During the past summer, the retail sector was exceptionally quiet, causing some distress here and there. Even Lex, who doesn't seem to get stressed easily, began to feel uncomfortable. 'It's extra nice to see that the market is picking up. About three months ago, the upward trend was found again. The Brussels Furniture Fair and immediately after that, Black Friday, were hugely successful. Retailers were eager for new trade. We saw orders rising again.'

Ensuring growth
This renewed energy enables them to take steps in the coming year. 'The COVID period can be seen as "bonus years". If you exclude these absurd years, you see that we're continuing with the same growth as before. Even now, we have been able to find new dealers in the Netherlands.' Due to this, Richmond Interiors expects that this constant growth can be ensured.

Reaping the rewards
So, the outlook is promising, but Lex emphasises that the success of Richmond Interiors didn't come overnight. Earlier investments were made, and now they are reaping the rewards. 'Since this year, we have been travelling the world again to build new collections. We have been working for a while to be the best partner for retailers, both online and offline.'

'Two years ago, for example, the interior company started dropshipping for their dealers, which has come in handy. "Especially during Black Friday, we were able to send many orders directly to our consumers. But with API integrations, we can increasingly connect our systems to those of dealers. Apart from the convenience for the dealers, this is also more environmentally friendly. The packaging also withstands a so-called ISTA3 drop test.'

3D Room Planner
A few years ago, a project was started where furniture became available online in 3D. It started as an experiment but it's becoming increasingly popular. The Room Planner, an online tool to visualise and plan the layout of your interior, contributes to this. 'This is great for architects. They can easily show their clients how something will look.' Currently, there are about 500 models available in 3D, but there will likely be many more. 'Now we want to move forward.'

Focus on a special market
The progress of the company is not only happening in the digital realm. Over the past year, Richmond Interiors explored the market in the United Kingdom through various trade shows. This trend will continue in the coming period. 'It's a special market,' admits Lex. As an example, he mentions the requirement for fire-resistant fabrics on furniture. 'But we liked it very much. That's why in 2024, we will also exhibit at events such as the Spring Fair in Birmingham and Decorex in London.'

With positive developments after a quiet summer, investments bearing fruit, and innovative steps, including the 3D Room Planner, Richmond Interiors looks confidently to the future. With relocation plans, growth expectations, both nationally and internationally, the Richmond Interiors team is ready to start a new dynamic chapter called 2024.

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