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Nouvion highlights different wood options:

'Wood is as individual as each person's personal preferences, because nature doesn't create duplicates'

The grain of wood is as individual as each person's personal preferences because nature doesn't create duplicates. Nouvion aims to offer a wood portfolio that includes a favourite for every taste and budget. With sycamore maple, European walnut, elm, or cherry, the colour palette ranges from dark to light. Ash offers a good alternative to the popular but now expensive oak. Currently, tables with bamboo surfaces, which add a touch of exoticism to one's home, are particularly popular.

"If you love wood, you'll find it with us," assures Oliver Cieszkowski, CEO of Nouvion. The Dutch are known for their commitment to absolute natural looks. The unique character of each wood type is skillfully and sensitively brought out. Light or dark ecological putty or black or transparent epoxy resin are used in a well-dosed and skilled manner to fill dry cracks or knots. On customer request, a rustic look can be achieved despite a smooth surface. Edges expand the design possibilities: the so-called Swiss edge, the forest edge, or a tree edge are special eye-catchers.

Of course, oak is still a top seller because the robust wood embodies strength and permanence, making it a symbol of eternity for many people. Nouvion uses old, recycled oak for its premium tables, which is distinguished from "normal" oak by its dark-coloured cracks and prominent knots. Because oak is easy to oil and varnish, the table tops can look very different regardless of the grain, with three oil options - "Bianco," "Naturel," and "White/Grey" - and eight varnishes from "Matte Black" to "Eco Snow" available.

Those who prefer a classic look will likely favour a noble wood like European walnut or cherry, both epitomes of timeless beauty and highest quality. They even share more similarities: the processing enables exceptionally smooth surfaces. While walnut is a dark beauty that delights with an expressive, lively grain, cherry wood is characterized by its warm, reddish tone.

Elm wood, also known as "rustic elm," is a rare but always good choice for tables. In the Middle Ages, it was believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits. Since this wood is very pressure- and shock-resistant, it is particularly suitable for table tops that need to withstand a lot. In appearance and quality, elm can definitely compete with oak.

Ash is also a good alternative to oak due to its similar structure. Since ash creates a bright and friendly room atmosphere everywhere, it is an essential part of the portfolio for trading partners. Nouvion has focused on the more valuable heartwood ash, which is distinguished from regular ash by its golden-brown colour and darker, stronger structure.

Sycamore maple, a majestic mountain tree that shapes many landscapes in southern and central Europe, is a bright delight as furniture wood. "For those looking to decorate in the trendy Scandi style, there's nothing better than this light, almost white wood," says Oliver Cieszkowski, CEO of Nouvion. Unlike its relatives, the Norway and sugar maple, the sycamore maple, with its barely visible growth rings, does not tend to yellow.

Relatively new to Nouvion is the trend wood bamboo. In its Asian homeland, this fast-growing raw material has been the "wood of the common man" for centuries. Abundant, dimensionally stable, elastic, and durable, it offers many advantages. If it weren't for the transport, Moso bamboo would be a sustainability hero here too. But there are already the first bamboo plantations in Europe. The stylish "Feylin Bamboo" tables, available in three colour variants, bring a slight Asian charm to any dining area.

"We know the origin of our woods and have all the processing steps in our own hands. That's why we know what makes each of our tables so special. As diverse as nature are the individual preferences of people. That's why we want to be the table brand that offers our trading partners the greatest possible variety to package a revenue-strong package for every POS," says CEO Oliver Cieszkowski.

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