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New Oceans collection: inspired by 'the mesmerising movements of the sea'

Ocean Collection by Quartzforms represents the culmination of extensive technological evolution, complementing a range of slabs inspired by the beauty of nature.

Following the Forest collection, which captures the essence of vegetation in tangible form, Quartzforms turns its attention to the mesmerising movements of the sea and the vast depths of the ocean abysses. This new collection pays tribute to nature's expressive power, blending aesthetic allure with functional excellence, core to Quartzforms' DNA.

Ideal for sophisticated indoor projects, the Ocean collection features four exquisite surfaces in a refined and balanced colour palette. These delicately textured slabs radiate luminosity and expressive charm, reminiscent of the marine world's enchanting beauty.

Midnight: Deep and impenetrable, Midnight surfaces evoke the mystery and allure of the ocean's depths. White veins of varying thickness traverse a dark background, creating an undulating pattern that speaks of the passage of time. Suitable for both classical and contemporary settings, these slabs enhance projects with timeless elegance.

Arctic: Reflecting the ocean's rhythmic waves, Arctic features a soft yet powerful design. A snow-white backdrop, akin to sea foam, is adorned with grey veins of varying intensity, showcasing Quartzforms' mastery in engineered stone craftsmanship.

Lagoon: Lagoon surfaces captivate with subtle gray-green veins on a luminous white base, evoking the serene waters of Caribbean or Maldivian lagoons. This slab adds elegance and luminosity to any space, ideal for diverse architectural applications.

Reef: Rich in character, Reef surfaces showcase a blend of subtle dark red veins amidst a light background. This intricate texture recalls natural stone's timeless beauty, reminiscent of the elegant Breccia Capraia.

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