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Swedish modular houses: the answer to American housing shortage?

The increased focus on industrial construction in Sweden in recent years has caused ripples in the water. Recently, one of the world's largest daily newspapers, the New York Times, paid attention to the Swedish wooden house industry and is now asking the question whether Swedish innovation and sustainability are the solution to America's growing housing shortage.

Photo: Dreamstime.

The US housing shortage has been a problem for decades, and millions of new homes are needed around the country. Now the USA has turned its eyes towards Sweden, more specifically towards Norrbotten. In Piteå there is Lindbäcks Bygg, and last year it was visited by American builders and researchers - and a journalist from the New York Times.

It is mainly the company's work with industrial construction that has attracted interest from the other side of the Atlantic. This then led to a spread and a long article where the work with modular construction is proposed as a solution to the US housing shortage.

Photo: TMF

In addition to Lindbäck's work, attention is also being paid to Sara Kulturhus, the award-winning wooden building in central Skellefteå, which was built with a modular approach. It is the increase in productivity, rather than cost efficiency, that is highlighted by the New York Times as one of the strengths of modular construction.

When productivity is put in focus, more long-term sustainable homes are built faster is the conclusion, a long-known truth on the other side of the Atlantic.

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