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Radar Interior's Spectre lamp celebrates interplay of glass and light

The new Spectre lamp by Radar Interior, created by designer Pierre CharriƩ with Bastien Taillard's artistic direction, is the result of an intimate dialogue between glass and light, exploring the properties of optical diffusion. CharriƩ, known for his great sensitivity towards the sensorial dimension of everyday objects, dedicates his attention to how materials, sounds, and gestures can be combined to create new and surprising interactions. With Spectre, he chooses reflecting glass as a source of inspiration and plays with its unique way of modulating light.

The wall lamp has a frame in matte black lacquered metal with integrated LED light, elegantly supporting a disc in hand-crafted hammered glass (34cm diameter), an iconic material for Radar Interior. This disc is kept at a distance of 11 cm from the wall, which allows the light to hit the glass surface. The result is a changing interplay of light and shadow projected onto the walls, enhancing the details of the bas-reliefs in the precious artisanal workmanship of the glass.

Another distinctive feature of Spectre is the possibility to manually adjust the inclination of the disc, thanks to a small satin-finished steel rod, to create an infinite variety of light effects. The ability to personalize the lighting according to your preference makes Spectre not only a lamp, but an actual interactive and dynamic work of art. Spectre is thus not a mere lighting fixture, but an authentic sculpture of light that transforms and enriches the environment in which it is placed.

With this most recent creation, Radar Interior continues to redefine the boundaries between art, design, and functionality, offering solutions that not only emit light but also convey emotions and inspiration. Spectre is available in three different versions: silver, gold, and bronze glass. Each one offers a touch of elegance and poetry.

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