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Merging nature and technology at Kyiv's cutting-edge laser cosmetology and SPA salon

The futuristic laser cosmetology and SPA salon is located on the ground floor of a modern residential complex in the central part of Kyiv. The grey and white laconic interior has pink and sky-blue accents and combines a cold metallic glow with deliberately matte textures.

The interior concept emerged at the intersection of two themes: nature's pristine, untamed beauty and modern technology embodied in the laser pulse.

The theme of nature is manifested in the reception desk, which imitates a block of stone, and in the rough textures of the surfaces, reminiscent of raw pumice stone or therapeutic mud.

Technological aesthetics are embodied in futuristic silhouettes, geometry, and metal. This aesthetic was inspired by the design of medical equipment used in clinics. The asymmetrical shape of the mirror seems to be cut by a laser, the glass blocks of the wall refer to flasks and beakers from a scientific laboratory, and the neon inscription on the wall is a metaphor for a laser beam. Open communications under the ceiling make it feel like a spaceship's interior.

'Reflections on the combination of nature and the latest technologies led me to the third key image of the project – the human body. After all, it is the body that the clinic works on with the help of laser beams, natural cosmetics, and SPA procedures. I was looking for a second-order association to manifest the theme of corporeality within the futuristic concept. It was the colour pink. The colour of redness on the skin that reacts to cosmetic procedures. It is also the colour of the palm of your hand when you look at your own hand on a sunny day,' says designer Anastasiia Tempynska the Temp Project's founder.

The pink colour is manifested in a laconic stretch on the wall, tables made of translucent plastic, and asymmetrical poufs in different clinic areas. The bouclé texture in the furniture upholstery also references the texture of human skin with its pores and irregularities magnified under a microscope.

The clinic has 5 separate rooms. The larger one can be used for couple treatments when friends visit the facility together. The mobile mirror serves as a photo zone. It was designed for perfect selfies.

Most of the furniture in the project is custom-made. A floor lamp with an integrated flower container in the reception area is a laconic alternative to the traditional vase on the table.

Crossing the clinic's threshold, visitors enter another reality – a renewed world where technology coexists with pure, untouched nature. This imaginary journey allows you to escape from everyday life and get a new emotional experience along with high-quality cosmetic procedures.

Design: Temp Project, Anastasiia Tempynska
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 160 m2
Implemented: 2023
Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko

More information:
Anastasiia Tempynska
[email protected]

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