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With an exclusive look inside Nico Tijsen's own home

Creative director of Riviera Maison launches book Styling Tips & Tricks by Nicolicious

Renowned creative director of Riviera Maison, Nico Tijsen, is delighted to announce the launch of his highly anticipated book, "Styling Tips & Tricks from Nicolicious". This beautiful book is an ode to Nico's best interior styling tips and showcases his lifelong passion and creative expertise in home design.

"Styling Tips & Tricks by Nicolicious" is a visual and inspirational feast, filled with stunning photographs that capture the essence of Nico's unique styling approach. Readers are taken on a journey through various living spaces and gain insight into creating beautiful and cohesive spaces in their own homes. From cosy living rooms to those special little corners, Nico's book offers practical advice and inspiring ideas that can transform any space.

One of the highlights of the book is an exclusive look inside Nico's own home, where his personal living environment is revealed. This special chapter offers insight into his unique lifestyle and the special touches that characterise his home.

Nico Tijsen's attention to detail is evident throughout the book. Every page reflects his careful approach to styling, ensuring that every element in a room works harmoniously together. Whether you are a professional interior designer or a beginner looking to beautify your home, this book offers valuable insights.

"I am incredibly excited to share 'Styling Tips & Tricks by Nicolicious' with the world," says Nico Tijsen. "This book is a work of art in itself and reflects my passion for interior design and creativity. I hope it inspires others to discover their own creativity and transform their living spaces into beautiful, personal sanctuaries."

More information:
Rivièra Maison
Beiraweg 15
1047 HN Amsterdam
020 72 32 199
[email protected]

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