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An interview with interior designer Nanna Lagerman

'Creating meaning through interior design is so much more than style, it's an experience and a thought process'

Ever since she was a child, interior designer Nanna Lagerman has created worlds of her own. Today, like then, she uses her imagination and a fine-tuned cinematic approach to her interior projects, which are not only beautiful but offer a space for her clients to dream a little. She speaks about her love and aspirations for design in an interview on Carl Hansen & Son.

Photos: Carl Hansen & Son

How do you create emotionally appealing spaces for people?
'Interior design is a mix of colour, material, light, silhouette, contrast, and style. But creating meaning through interior design is so much more than style, it's an experience and a thought process. We read our environments through our senses, and for me, it's about creating conditions in a space that contribute to wellness and health. For me, the overall purpose of interior design is to grant people a safe space and an environment for them to escape a little. I like to create interiors which offer the opportunity to lose yourself like in a great movie.'

How would you describe your personal style when it comes to interiors?
'To me, style is about who you are. Your personal style is in your DNA, it reflects your soul, your interests, your references. In my projects, it is important that the interiors are interesting and not following trends. I love when interiors are intelligent, full of contrasts, and with an element of something unexpected.'

When you create spaces for other people, how do you see Danish Design add to those spaces?
'Danish design signals a sense of self-assurance. The pieces are classic and timeless, which make them an easy fit with other furniture and styles. They somehow always manage to enhance an overall style or mood by naturally finding their own place in the symphony. For me, Danish design is not only visually pleasing but also serves a purpose in daily life with principles of practicality, durability, and timelessness. Danish design pieces never try to compete with the other furniture but make the interior seem harmonious and beautiful. It is always easy for me to use Wegner pieces in my interior projects. I was looking for a set of black dining chairs, and Wegner's CH23 chairs have such a beautiful combination of surfaces. The shiny black oak in contrast with the black paper cord seating, not to mention the silhouettes, makes the optimal contrast to my high gloss dining table.'

As an interior designer, you have a certain attention to detail. What does 'That little extra' mean to you?
'I have always been an observer, and I can lose myself completely in details. Details are my tools. They dictate the way I compose an interior and also make every project unique.'

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