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Research shows 5 outdoor design trends for this summer

Top experts in home design and construction have given their take on outdoor trends this summer. 70% of industry experts agree that updated outdoor living spaces significantly enhance home value. Investing in these areas not only boosts property value but also extends living spaces and enhances outdoor enjoyment.

72% of experts say homeowners are willing to allocate around 25% of their annual remodelling budget to outdoor living areas. This investment offers multiple benefits, including increased home value and improved outdoor living experiences.


Outdoor kitchens
73% of experts agree that outdoor kitchens remain highly sought after, allowing homeowners to enjoy cooking and dining outdoors.

Pocket and sliding doors
65% of experts highlight the demand for pocket and sliding doors, which facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor transitions by removing physical barriers.

Fire features
58% of experts report that fire pits, fireplaces, and fire tables are top features, providing warmth and ambiance for outdoor spaces.

Swimming pools
31% of experts note a renewed interest in swimming pools, which add luxury and functionality to outdoor areas.

Outdoor work from home space
16% of experts believe that outdoor workspaces are becoming popular as remote working continues to be a significant part of daily life.

Covered patios
Covered patios are the most popular outdoor living areas, with 44% of experts favouring them for their ability to provide protection from the elements and seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces. Decks and open patios or porches remain popular but are less in demand compared to covered patios.

Multi-functional furniture
For smaller outdoor spaces, 74% of professionals recommend multi-functional furniture to optimize space. Hidden storage and vertical gardens are also popular solutions for maximizing limited outdoor areas.


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