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Atlas Plan and Modulnova join forces to create Appennino and Silver Root

Atlas Plan's world of large porcelain slabs meets Modulnova's design system: together they create unique spaces that celebrate design with increasingly high-performance and elegant materials.

From the new collaboration comes Appennino and Silver Root, two unique surfaces that combine the functionality of ceramics with the beauty of Italian design.

Atlas Plan's large porcelain slabs reproduce stone, marble, concrete, and other materials, offering a wide range of colours and textures that blend well with Modulnova's sophisticated, elegant design solutions. The collaboration resulted in the 'Atlas Plan | Modulnova Meeting Together' concept, first expressed in the incorporation of Atlas Plan surfaces into Modulnova kitchen systems created for the Atlas Concorde Park Studio showroom in the Atlas Concorde headquarters, then during the 2024 Milan Design Week in the 'Tavolo Caldo' kitchen. Finally, with the development of two unique Atlas Plan surfaces for Modulnova: Appennino and Silver Root, and a joint interior design project.

This collaboration has produced a unique interpretation of the kitchen where surfaces become an expression of style and innovation.

Appennino is the new frontier of porcelain tiles, embodying the essence of Turkish marble. With its veining that shifts between red and gold on a background of grays, this large ceramic slab offers a sophisticated and varied design, ideal for spaces that demand a touch of timeless elegance. Appennino stands out for its innate beauty and its ability to interpret the veining of marble with surprising fidelity, adapting to any interior or exterior space and transforming walls and surfaces into true masterpieces. Its technical composition makes Appennino perfect for a variety of applications, from luxury wall claddings to innovative tabletops, ensuring strength and durability.

Silver Root
Silver Root, on the other hand, evokes the charm of turquoise marble with its warm grey background and veins ranging from golden to deep grey. The dark graphic details, clearly evident against the background, enhance its distinct elegance, a testament to the rich heritage of Turkey's marble quarries. Silver Root expresses a natural class that makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications, indoors and out. Thanks to its large size and the versatility of porcelain, it is perfectly suited for a variety of uses, like countertops, tables, and walls.

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