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Interview with founder David Sjöberg

'Davsjö was founded with a vision to create furniture that embodies lasting beauty'

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with David Sjöberg, the designer and founder behind the innovative furniture brand Davsjö. Designed & manufactured in Sweden, Davsjö strives to create objects of lasting beauty, through our passion for form, craftsmanship & materials. David shares the journey of Davsjö, the core values that drive their design philosophy, and the sustainable processes.

Foldable Chair in white oak.

Can you share the history of Davsjö?
'Davsjö was founded with a vision to create furniture that embodies lasting beauty through thoughtful design, craftsmanship, and superior materials. Driven by a passion for modern yet timeless design and a commitment to creating furniture that serves a purpose with both function and form combined. As a brand, Davsjö strives to offer something different from what's out there today, through our own unique form of language that can be identified as Davsjö, enabled by the blending of traditional craftsmanship, modern manufacturing techniques, and thorough design processes.

As a brand, we want to highlight the impact of form and thorough design processes in creating sustainable products that last durably but most of all visually. If a product is not visually appealing, there is less chance for it to be used, cherished and as a result last in the long run. Therefore one of our core values is "We strive to create objects of lasting beauty", indicating the importance of form in the design process and its role in creating actual sustainable products. We are dedicated to creating purposeful furniture and continuously strive to improve our practices to benefit both our customers and the planet.'

Ladders in ash.

How does Davsjö approach the challenge of integrating functional features, such as foldable mechanisms, into its designs without compromising on aesthetics and durability?
'We begin every design process with a problem-solving mindset. When incorporating functional features like foldable mechanisms, our goal is to ensure that these elements enhance the user experience without detracting from the product's aesthetic appeal or durability. For instance, our foldable chair, DS11, is designed to be both elegant and functional, offering the convenience of a foldable chair while presenting a different expression. It matches seamlessly with the regular dining chair setup, thanks to its design that complements our DS10 dining chair, unlike conventional foldable chairs that have an instantly recognisable foldable expression.'

Handmade in Sweden is a hallmark of Davsjö's production process. Could you elaborate on the significance of this approach and how it contributes to the company's commitment to quality and craftsmanship?
'Handcrafting our products in Sweden ourselves allows us to maintain strict quality control and ensures that every piece we create meets our standards. Swedish craftsmanship is renowned for its precision and attention to detail, qualities that we deeply value. By producing our furniture locally, we can closely oversee every step of the manufacturing process, from material selection to final assembly. This not only ensures the quality of our products but also supports local artisans and preserves traditional crafting techniques that are integral to our heritage.'

A look inside the workshop.

Repurposing waste materials is an important aspect of Davsjö's sustainability approach. Can you provide examples of how the company gives new life to materials that might otherwise be considered waste?
'Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Davsjö. One of our initiatives is repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste. For example, we carefully select wood pieces that are ideally suited for our main furniture pieces, and the offcuts are used to create accessories like our DS99 salad cutlery. Additionally, we collaborate with the leather industry to repurpose parts of leather sheets that are too small for larger applications. These pieces are used as protectors for some of our foldable furniture as well as floor protectors, providing an eco-friendly alternative to plastic options commonly available on the market. By adopting these practices, we minimise waste and make the most of every material.'

What are the future plans for Davsjö?
'We are currently working on new products to expand our product range, emphasising our core principles of creating lasting objects through a strong focus on form, craftsmanship, and function. Additionally, we plan to strengthen our online presence and establish our collection at suitable retailers that value crafted quality furniture. Ultimately, our goal is to continue crafting beautiful, functional, and sustainable furniture that our customers can cherish for generations.'

Foldable Chair in oak.

More information:
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