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World's largest Molteni&C Flagship Store opens in Shanghai

Molteni Group inaugurates Molteni&C world's largest Flagship Store and UniFor Showroom, located in the heart of Shanghai, opened in collaboration with the leader in the retail furniture industry, Domus Tiandi, which will play a strategic role in the expansion of Molteni&C in China.

This opening aims to create a new visionary and transformative design landmark. Spanning over 3,500 square meters, the Shanghai Flagship Store encompasses two floors of exhibition space showcasing Molteni&C Collections, including offices, an Art Gallery hosting a temporary exhibition focusing on Gio Ponti and the Heritage Collection, and an immersive UniFor space tailored for architects and designers.

The Store is home to an indoor-outdoor restaurant, offering a warm dining experience for the guests.

The Flagship Store is located in 'Golden Union Shi bo' compound on the banks of the mother river, the Huangpu River, adjacent to the Shanghai Power Station of Art and the Expo Riverside Dingbo Tower, designed by 2023 Pritzker Prize winner Sir David Chipperfield, resulting in a tranquil corner along the Huangpu River.

The park was once an industrial heritage site with old factory buildings, witnessing Shanghai's urban transformation from the industrial era to the new age.

From the perspective of art and culture, the philosophy behind the location choice of Molteni&C Flagship Store in Shanghai has profound significance, representing an important expression of art, design, and cultural exchange.

In the rugged and unrestrained industrial architectural style, Molteni&C Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen brings more possibilities for creation, adapting to new cultural and artistic connotations, and empowering contemporary significance.

'When I started thinking about that project I wanted to create the atmosphere of a Palace, a succession of ordered rooms, perspectives that highlighted the grandeur of the building, being able to visually cross it on the two spatial axes, the longitudinal and the transverse one. Silent but refined spaces, always different from each other, in size and finishes connected by a sculptural staircase, with details that refer to Chinese culture, in the classic sober/elegant Molteni style,' says Van Duysen.

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