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An interview with Pelucchi, manufacturer of paddings for the furniture industry

Assopiuma continues its series of interviews aimed at raising awareness about the production processes and values with which all its members operate. This time, they have sat down with Pelucchi, a company that has been making paddings for the furniture industry since the 1950s.

Photos: Luca Casonato.

When was your company founded and what was its original outlook?
'Pelucchi S.r.l. was founded in the early 1950s. Its mission has always been to provide manufacturers of padded furniture with products for sofas, armchairs, and beds.'

Why do you think it is important to invest in feather products as a company?
'Feathers can provide unique comfort for seating solutions, and from a design perspective, they have a stronger aesthetic appeal than any other material. A feather cushion never loses its shape and does not become flat or thin if you fluff it appropriately. Furthermore, feathers are a green and 100% recyclable product, and we all know how important these qualities are today!'

How has your operating method changed over time?
'It has changed drastically. Today we work with highly computerized machinery that guarantees a perfectly uniform production. Also, the way we construct the cushion covers has changed; we now have many containment chambers to keep the feathers in place. And we shouldn't forget the in-depth research and increasingly accurate study of comfort that lie behind each one of our products.'

What are your company's strong points?
'The know-how. We are constantly committed to improving and consolidating our technical know-how. We think that our customers are the true asset of our company, and we dedicate all our attention to finding solutions to their needs.'

What is the current evolutionary trend in your industry?
'We are certainly experiencing strong growth. Over the past years, the demand for padded feather products has increased significantly. This is also because feathers are a material that gives any padded furniture added value.'

Has there been a particular moment that marked a leap in your company's evolution? 'Fundamentally, I would say there are three factors that have contributed to our positioning in the field of feather products. The first is the continuous and constant improvement of the quality of our raw materials. The second is the use of filling machines that have significantly reduced processing times and, consequently, reduced costs. And the third is our care in the confection.'

How does your product distinguish itself from the competition?
'As I mentioned, our clients are an asset to us. We follow their instructions quite literally and consistently, using only top-quality products, both as far as the feathers are concerned and when it comes to the fabrics and polyurethane. Moreover, with our technical department, which develops prototypes and industrializes them, we can provide complete consultancy at 360 degrees for any client.'

What are the key factors that determine the success of a quality product?
'The quality of the raw material and of the confection, and then the manufacturing process and traceability. The ability to always suggest new solutions and new and more performing materials.'

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