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Furniture manufacturers mentioned in Poland's 200 largest companies

In the latest edition of the ranking by Wprost, which lists the 200 largest Polish companies, four furniture manufacturers and one furniture trading company have secured their places.

The list, compiled for the tenth time, showcases notable names in the furniture industry. Among them are CORRECT, Com40, Forte, and Grupa Nowy Styl, all engaged in furniture production. Additionally, Agatha represents the furniture trading sector.

The research team of Wprost emphasizes that various factors contribute to a company's ranking, including revenue, profit, assets, and equity. This annual ranking has become a significant benchmark in assessing the economic landscape.


Published annually in late May to early June on, the Polish Two Hundred's Main Ranking features five companies from the furniture industry, with four involved in furniture production:

115th place – CORRECT – K. Błaszczyk i Wspólnicy – down from 105th place.

126th place – Com40 – up from 134th place.

133rd place – Forte – up from 147th place.

155th place – Nowy Styl Group – down from 118th place.

Additionally, Agata secured the 97th spot in this year's ranking, marking a decrease of 11 places from its previous position at 86. Meanwhile, PGL Lasy Państwowe climbed to the 23rd position, advancing by seven places.

The rankings are based on the revenues reported by companies for 2023.


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