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Homebase reveals Brits’ top five paint picks

Copper, pink, and black are predicted to be the hottest colours on Brits' walls this year, Homebase reveals, while bathrooms are seeing a surprising rise in terracotta colour schemes.


To predict the top shades for 2024, colour experts at Homebase analysed wall paint sales to identify the colours growing in popularity.

The top five trending colours for 2024 are:

-Copper (+57%)
-Pink (+38%)
-Black (+34%)
-Green (+29%)
-Orange (+27%)
-Copper has replaced rose gold's grasp on the UK

Copper takes the top spot as the most up-and-coming choice for paint around the home, with a huge 57% increase in sales replacing the previously popular rose gold, confirming it's out with the old and in with the new!

Blush is the new magnolia
Despite rose gold losing popularity, non-metallic pink shades are seeing a significant increase in sales in 2024. Following a big year for the shade with the 2023 release of the Oscar-nominated 'Barbie' movie, pink paints have grown 38% in sales this year.

The most popular pink? 'Blush Pink' – a pale, natural tone, verging on neutral, showing us that alongside the ever-popular white and cream, we're cosying up to warmer hues when looking for neutral paints to put on our walls.

Embracing the dark side
In a twist on traditional wall and accent choices, Brits are going bold, with black paint increasing over a third (34%) in sales.

Google Trends agree too, showing that searches for 'matt black paint for wood' have increased an incredible 350%. This surge in interest towards black shades for accents shows homeowners are looking to make a bold statement with contrast, using black to add depth and character to the home.

Green reigns supreme
Looking at colour trends overall, the experts at Homebase found that green dominates throughout the entire home, with the most popular shade being 'Fresh Herb' – a versatile, pale grey-toned green.

This reflects overall home décor colour trends going into 2024, which show that natural tones remain a firm favourite, while nature-inspired hues like blue, green, and orange are popular choices for every room in the home.

Terracotta takeover
The insights also show a surprising new contender for Brits' favourite bathroom shade, with a growing interest in 'Frosted Papaya' – a peachy terracotta orange shade not commonly associated with bathrooms.

This growth in interest comes after Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2024 was revealed as 'Peach Fuzz', a delicate orange shade – showing Brits are quick to jump on colour trends and are already beginning to lean towards warmer orange shades in the home.

Niloufar Esmaeilpour, MSc, RCC, SEP from Lotus Therapy, explains the impact of colour psychology and why natural shades like green and terracotta are so popular: 'Green is reminiscent of the natural world, promoting a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Studies suggest that green can improve concentration and enhance creative performance. This makes it an ideal choice for home offices, living spaces, and any area where focus and creativity are desired. The uplift in copper and terracotta shades can be attributed to their warm and welcoming hues. These shades are known for their ability to uplift moods and promote a sense of optimism. Incorporating them into bathroom designs can help start the day with a positive and energized outlook.'

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