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Geometric designs take the spotlight with new Ken Scott collection

The new Ken Scott collection, Carpet Edition continues to provide an increasingly comprehensive view of the artistic exploration of American designer Ken Scott. The collection comprises a variety of shaped rugs and tapestries from the iconic designs of Ken Scott, transforming his vibrant aesthetic into beautiful objects for interiors.

In addition to the famous floral motifs, the Ken Scott Collection also includes geometric and animalier designs inspired by the most significant creations of the designer, who started out as a painter in the 1940s and later turned to fashion. The bold geometrics and exploration of color by Ken Scott, influenced by early 20th-century artists including Sonia Delaunay, Paul Klee, and Mark Rothko, have been reinterpreted by Carpet Edition to capture the vitality of the original works.

The animalier, on the other hand, recalls the more audacious and creative side of Ken Scott, who was also a pioneer in creating and directing fashion show-events such as the famous Circo in 1968, where his Circus Collection got its name.

Produced completely by hand using a variety of high-quality materials, different production techniques, and pile heights, the geometric rugs and tapestries of the Ken Scott Collection also reflect the artistic strength of the designer. This unique combination gives them the means to explore colour and freedom of expression, which have become hallmarks of Ken Scott's style. Mixing designs and colours, Carpet Edition has been able to capture the innovative vision of his total look, managing to redefine the aesthetic standards of textiles, leaving the beauty of these pieces the power to gain entry into the homes of art lovers.

Following the path forged by Ken Scott, Carpet Edition has been able to engage the imagination, know-how, and craftsmanship of both, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art and interior design.
The new geometric rugs, which showcase the originality of this extraordinary collaboration, are named Manhattan NYC, Labirinto, Infinito, Castelbarco, Fannie, and YSOY. The meticulous attention to every detail—from fashion shows to performances, from clothing to accessories, crafted by Ken Scott—returns and extends to the animalier pieces from Carpet Edition.

This range of styles and patterns reflects the inclusive vision of Ken Scott, his ability to interpret style in a pioneering way, and translates to new textile creations such as Safari and Serpenti by Carpet Edition. The new Ken Scott Collection by Carpet Edition offers a complete range of options to meet the needs of those in search of unique pieces.

Carpet Edition is a young brand, founded in 2005 in Collebeato (BS), thanks to the extensive experience of Indikon in the production and distribution of rugs. While preserving a rich history, consisting of family memories, travel, ancient production techniques, and extraordinary craftsmanship, Carlo and Valentina Erba have been able to embark on a path of continuous innovation by collaborating with well-known designers and offering versatile, customizable, and eco-sustainable products.

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