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Temu breaches EU laws: seen as 'potentially life-threatening'

Seventeen European consumer organisations have lodged complaints against Temu for breaching EU law DSA. The focus of these complaints revolves around Temu's shortcomings in traceability, misleading product recommendations, and its presence on TikTok, where it targets a young audience.

Sweden's consumers have even labelled Temu's practices as 'potentially life-threatening', with Secretary General Johanna Hållén stating that the company fails to fulfil even the most fundamental obligations. Hållén condemns Temu's disregard for product safety and consumer protection, particularly during a period of economic strain.


Hållén emphasises the difficulty in tracking sellers on the platform and the lack of transparency in Temu's recommendations. The Swedish Consumers' Association notes that dissatisfied customers frequently reach out to them, but many are deterred from pursuing complaints due to the small sums involved.


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