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Forest Group shares latest updates on curtain rail systems

Forest Group, a producer and supplier of innovative curtain track systems, is bringing news in the realm of curtain track systems. They have applied a stylish upgrade to the DS-XL systems, the website has received an upgrade, and a demo case for rod systems has been launched.

Stylish Upgrade
"We have further developed our DS-XL® system, enhancing its luxurious appearance even more. The updated motor and return pulleys are now made of metal. This ensures a real premium experience due to the high-quality finish. An important advantage of the metal parts is that they are colour-fast, which benefits the appearance in the long term. The pulleys are designed for the DS-XL® with cord system and the DS-XL® LED system."

On the left the refreshed website and on the right the upgrade of the DS-XL system.

Fresh look
Forest Group has also refreshed its website. "The design of our current website is several years old, so we thought it was high time for a fresh new look. But we didn't just go for cosmetic changes; the usability has also been improved, making it faster and easier for visitors to find the information they need."

Demo case for rod systems
With this portable case, the dealer brings the showroom experience directly to the customers. The case has a modern design and is of durable quality (just like the motorised demo case). This ensures that the dealer can present the Forest Group's rod assortment in a professional and attractive way.

Realized project: stylish finish with black KS Rail
Forest Group wants to highlight a project by the Montage Specialist from Roden. In this new-build home, they have installed a black KS® rail with bend.

"The black rail is perfectly in harmony with the dark details of the furniture legs and lamps in the room. It creates a visual balance and enhances the stylish ambiance of the home. This project is an excellent example of how the right rail elements can play a crucial role in enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the space."

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