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An interview with co-founder of Italica, Michele Tamma:

'We wanted to create a brand that could bring together all of our creations'

After the success of their capsule collection unveiled at the last Maison&Objet, founders of Italica Michele and Emmanuelle Tamma decided to expand the collection for Fuorisalone in Milan. The couple, both architects, created Italica Tailormade Furniture, a company specialising in high-end custom-made furniture, after creating several pieces of furniture for their clients. We talk to Michele Tamma about the company and their capsule collection paying homage to the Memphis movement.

Emmanuelle and Michele Tamma.

Can you tell us about the history of Italica?
'We are a couple of architects who have always been passionate about design. We realised that over the years we have designed a very large quantity of custom furniture pieces for clients for whom we were doing an architectural/interior project. Therefore, we decided to take all these pieces created for these projects, and group them together with new pieces to create a complete catalogue of furniture. We wanted to create a brand that could bring together all of our creations.'

Can you discuss Italica's roots in Italy and how the company's heritage influences its design philosophy and craftsmanship standards?
'We are both Italian, so the desire to highlight our Italian roots was already very strong in the choice of the name of our brand: Italica.

For me, Italy is a country that is known for art and creativity; Italy is a country where craftsmanship has not completely disappeared. So I try in my (small way) to perpetuate these two typical values ​​of Italy in our work of every day: creativity and craftsmanship.'

How does Italica incorporate both traditional artisanal techniques and technology in its furniture manufacturing process?
'Obviously, machines help us on a daily basis for repetitive and basic manufacturing phases, to start the production of a piece of furniture which will be assembled and finished by the hands of workers. Particularly with regard to certain lacquering finishes, which must be completed by hand to guarantee an authentic and unique side of each piece.'

Could you describe Italica's latest capsule collection inspired by the Memphis movement? What elements from this iconic design era are evident in the collection?
'Emmanuelle and I have always loved colour. Lately, in all our luxury renovations, we realised that colour had no place and that it was sometimes only used in children's rooms.

The 80s were years marked by freedom of thought, which translated into the world of design by creations that were out of the ordinary and which brought a lot of colour and joy. We therefore wanted to recreate this joy and freedom of the 80s through geometric shapes and colours in a world of decoration dominated by palettes of gray and beige.

In our capsule collection the DNA of Italica is strongly present in each pieces of furniture, this DNA is shown by the artisanal and unique work. For example, all the table tops or consoles are hand painted and therefore have imperfections which I am very proud of. In certain pieces we also find another particularity of Italica, that is to mix different materials, such as wood, fabric or mirrors.'

Considering the success of the capsule collection, what future plans does Italica have for expanding its range of furniture and accessories?
'Given the success of the last edition of Maison&Objet in Paris, we decided to enlarge this collection, offering new pieces such as a dining table, a console, a coffee table and light totems. We presented these new products in Milan during the last Fuorisalone. Following Maison&Objet we were contacted by a gallery in Milan who loved our furniture pieces and wanted to exhibit them during the Milan Furniture Fair. We also have in mind to develop some piece of tableware, but for that we are in the process of finding partners who can be part of this collaboration.'

More information:
Italica Tailormade Furniture
28, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte
98000 MC, Principauté de Monaco
+377 99 92 10 83
[email protected]