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'Consumers and businesses vulnerable to Asian online marketplaces'

Having confronted Temu, Wenko CEO calls for tougher regulations

Niklas Köllner, CEO of Wenko, has expressed concerns that politics has left consumers and businesses vulnerable to Asian online marketplaces. His concern is that Asian online platforms flood the market with offerings, and he sees this as a clear distortion of competition, calling on policymakers to promptly create equal competitive conditions for all.

Photo: Wenko

Wenko's online shop offers more than 5,000 non-food products for bathroom, kitchen, and home, all complying with legal regulations. Additionally, Wenko conducts certifications, quality tests, and chemical analyses. He explains in an article on that these laws also apply to goods from China but asks who is monitoring this.

Feeling abandoned by politics, Wenko's CEO Köllner has taken action himself. He successfully had more than 400 products removed from the Temu platform in recent weeks because they violated the company's rights.

Köllner is troubled that politicians are not adapting laws quickly enough to changing realities and lack clear trade agreements. He sees a solution in expanding product liability laws and says that in addition to functioning controls for every importer, there must be a representative in Europe who is liable for violations.


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