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Bedding industry:

French consumers have different mattress preferences than the Dutch, Belgians, and Germans's Bedding Industry Market Monitors reveal that French consumers prefer a shorter but thicker mattress compared to consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. While in the latter three countries the mass opts for a 200 cm mattress, the French consumer more often chooses a mattress of 190 cm in length. Therefore, the French mattress is shorter but thicker. A 30 cm thick mattress is the standard in France. has, just like for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, analysed the French-speaking search traffic about beds in the Google search engine in France over the past four years. A few hundred million search queries and many thousands of different search terms related to beds and mattresses have been dissected, providing a clear picture of the French market structure and market trends in the field of beds and mattresses.

Photo: Dreamstime.

The Bedding Industry Market Monitor France 2024 shows that over the past four years, more than 4.5 million searches have been conducted monthly in France on the subject of beds and mattresses in Google's search engine. In the first year of the corona pandemic, interest in beds and mattresses grew very strongly, after which the level of interest continued to grow by 8% in the year 2021. However, there was a decline in the year 2022. That year, the related search volume decreased by a full 6%. A turnaround was noted in the past year 2023, in which an increase of 5% was recorded.

Compared to the Dutch, Belgian, and German markets, the French bedding industry shows a similar movement overall. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany also recorded a decrease in consumer interest in beds and mattresses in the year 2022. However, the market structure in France in terms of providers looks very different.

When we compare the different Bedding Industry Market Monitors, we can well compare the market situation by country. The structure of the reports has been kept as similar as possible, so that themes and figures can really be compared and we are not comparing apples to oranges. It turns out that the average length and thickness of a mattress in France differ significantly from the other three countries.

Mattress length
According to the statistics, an adult in the Netherlands is the tallest of the four countries. However, a German on average looks for the longest mattress. The difference with the Netherlands is very small, though. In Germany, the average search is for a mattress length of 197.3 centimetres. In the Netherlands, the average length is 2 millimetres less. Our southern neighbours opt for a mattress that is half a centimetre shorter than in the Netherlands. In France, the average length of a mattress is just under 192 centimetres. This is not surprising, as an average adult Frenchman is also more than 5 centimetres shorter than a Dutchman.

When we look at the specific mattress lengths in the four countries, we can conclude that in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Germany, the length of 200 centimetres is the standard. In the Netherlands, this mattress length represents 87% of all searched mattresses. In Belgium, it accounts for 88% and in Germany even 92% of all searched mattress lengths.

In France, on the other hand, the mattress length of 190 centimetres is the most popular and represents more than half (52%) of the search volume. The 200 centimetre long mattress accounts for only 43% of the search volume for mattresses of a certain length.

Mattress thickness
Where France on average chooses the shortest mattress, it is the thickest mattress of the four countries. It should be noted that the mattress thicknesses in the online search volume have been investigated from 10 centimetres, to get as little contamination of the data as possible by mattress toppers. Yet, especially in the Netherlands, many top mattresses / mattress toppers of 10 cm thick are also sold. The average mattress thickness in France is 28.8 centimetres. That is almost six centimetres more than in Germany and even almost 12 centimetres more than in the Netherlands.

Whereas in terms of length there is a standard in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, France has a standard when it comes to the thickness of a mattress. In France, a mattress is quite standardly 30 centimetres thick. In Germany, mattresses of 20 and 25 centimetres are particularly popular. In the Netherlands, the mattress of 10 centimetres has become very popular. This also applies somewhat to Belgium.

Brands and providers
The different Market Monitors also show rankings of the most important brands and providers of mattresses. In all countries, Ikea and Emma have consistently been in the top-3 of most searched brands/providers over the past four years. Tempur is also well represented in the rankings in all four countries. Lidl has a strong market position in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, but is missing in France. Furthermore, in Germany, Matratzen Concord stands in the top-3 every year, and in France, Conforama and But are prominently present in the top-4. Over the past four years, Tempur has seen a significant rise in the annual top-10 in Germany. In France, Percko has shot into the top-10 like a comet.

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