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Ragno explores ancient gold leaf techniques with new Gold Leaf collection

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Ragno's space in Via Marco Polo, Milan, was revitalised with new colours, textures, and botanical decorations inspired by the 'Golden Leaf' slab, a blend of technology and craftsmanship influenced by ancient gold leaf techniques.

'Blending nature, artisanal skill, and technological innovation, the new Ragno Golden Leaf slab is the gem of the Incanto collection,' the brand says. The Golden Leaf slab, the new decor in the Incanto series, has a unique beauty that diverges from the collection's more traditional marble effects to embrace an aesthetic inspired by nature, its appearance enhanced by the artisanal skill of the decoration and the ground-breaking technologies of the production methods used.

The surface's distinctive gold finish originated in research into the antique Gold Leaf technique, used in art, craftsmanship, and architecture to decorate objects and surfaces with exceptionally thin sheets of pure gold alloyed with other precious metals. The creative process involved not only manual skills and artisanal know-how but also research and experimentation.

Starting from the decision to make gold leaf the dominant theme, the decor was elegantly reinterpreted and drawn with great sophistication by hand, complying with parameters regarding the design's grid, the motifs used, and the spacing. While multiple coats of pigments, colour, and finishes add variety and consistency to the slab's surface, its gilding is produced using metal pigments suitable for use in the porcelain stoneware slab manufacturing cycle.

At the end of the process, the water-based glossy finish creates a shining surface that reflects the light. Golden Leaf is the most exquisite of the Incanto collection stoneware slabs, and due to this product's unique characteristics, it is still produced by airbrushing by hand. The artisanal manual skill of this process, combined with the masterly use of precious materials, merges with digital technology to create a truly unique product.

'Every step in the production process has been carefully developed to ensure impeccable results, transforming every slab into a genuine work of art.'

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