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Blå Station strives for innovative technology and sustainable development

Swedish design company Blå Station has its home on the southeast coast of Sweden in a former sewing factory, and is as restless as the Baltic Sea. Its quest for designs that interpret the present and point to the future has challenged the team to an intense battle with advanced technology and true materials for more than 30 years.

Still a family business, the design company love to immerse ourselves in innovative technology and sustainable development while looking for recognised as well as fresh new design talents in Sweden and abroad. Blå Station is driven by a desire to produce furniture that effortlessly finds a place in the market.

The company loves to observe the younger generation: how they communicate, how they conquer and use space and objects, and how they move together and on their own. What are their demands and desires? 'They have the key to the future,' the brand says.

The design philosophy of Blå Station is to offer an alternative to what is already available. It's about researching the potential of future design here and now. Blå Station doesn't hesitate to experiment and venture into unknown territory. This is why the team takes on seemingly impossible challenges, both technically and commercially. Like with the acclaimed Dent chair where, against all odds, Blå Station succeeded in 3D-forming ordinary veneer into a double-curved seat shell. The company's design philosophy is to make a difference, or as team visionary Börge Lindau used to say: 'An idea is never better than its result.'

One of its exciting ranges is ABLE. 'Are we ABLE to think inside the box? The constant shrinking box, with walls of rules, regulations, laws, certificates, and demands. There is no newness to Blå Station when it comes to addressing issues such as sustainability, durability, and timelessness. In fact, since 1986 and the birth of the company, these factors have been constant throughout every design. However, could all questions and demands be addressed in one product? Could one product be sustainable, recyclable, upgradeable, changeable, renewable, dismountable, traceable, serviceable, adaptable, and still lovable? ABLE is more than a chair, more than an armchair. A polyfunctional, yet concrete and honest character. 100% recyclable. So, yes, we are ABLE.'

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