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Estudio Sancal gives definition to 'undefined spaces'

Estudio Sancal's UnRoom exhibition at Milan Design Week showcased the brand's new products. Accustomed to creating scenographies that contextualise stories, this year Sancal defined a non-space. Clean. Basic. Aseptic. Intentionally unfinished, it challenges the visitor to fill in the gaps. The company's UnRoom at the expo embodied a captivating fusion of creative dichotomy: an undefined space with predefined furniture.

Whether we are faced with an existing space or objects, let's craft compelling and original projects by harnessing the potential of what already exists, preserving and creating something new at the same time. This paradigm shift towards reuse and transformation forms the bedrock of a conscious, responsible, and sustainable approach. 'We advocate for a recalibration of values that prioritises quality and the extension of product and spatial lifecycles,' the brand says.

The company's showroom in Milan embodied: Same furniture. Different spaces. A sustainable option. Its collections embrace timelessness, through quality, durability, design, functionality and responsibility. Its designers try to respond to fundamental needs when it comes to living, working and sharing; always prioritising the well-being of users. A vast array of configurations, textures and colours was used.

Redefining the space: a critical reflection on materials and its consumption
Estudio Sancal's commitment extends beyond human-centred design — it's about shaping the future that awaits us. Recognising the fleeting nature of temporary exhibitions, the designers acknowledge the interconnectedness of ephemeral spaces with their environmental impact and the imperative to minimise our ecological footprint. Therefore, they integrated eco-conscious principles into the construction of their booth in Milan, emphasising responsible consumption and avoiding excess.

The walls of their book were constructed using modular metal structures, covered with fabric sourced from our furniture production. Now that the Salone concluded, they are giving a second life to their fabrics by repurposing them into room dividers for their Madrid Showroom (stay tuned for more details) and their Preloved expo.

Estudio Sancal
Estudio Sancal was born with the purpose of giving technical support to the freelance designers with whom Santiago Castaño began working with in the mid-1980s. The second generation joined the company at the beginning of this century. Esther and Elena Castaño-López brought a fresh insight of design, and it became more emotional, hedonistic and extroverted. They are also responsible for the artistic direction, leading Estudio Sancal.
Esther and Elena have turned this small atelier into the creative heart of the company.
Estudio Sancal grew into a multidisciplinary powerhouse in its own right, boasting in-house graphic, industrial and interior designers, a dedicated master upholsterer and artistic direction. Total control, from inception to manufacturing and commercialisation.

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