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Natuzzi celebrates 65th anniversary at High Point Market and Milan Design Week

Natuzzi, the renowned furniture brand, is set to celebrate its 65th anniversary in style by unveiling its latest collections and a packed calendar of events at two prestigious global furniture showcases: the High Point Market in North Carolina and the Design Week in Milan.

Founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi, the company's journey has been characterised by a pursuit of innovation while staying true to its core values of comfort, functionality, and design aesthetics, creating spaces of harmonious living. Since its inception, Natuzzi has left a mark on the furniture industry, with its use of colours in leather sofas since the 1970s.

Natuzzi's success story includes achieving the highest market share in the US for a non-American producer and listing on Wall Street in 1993. Transitioning into the 2000s, Natuzzi embarked on a path to establish itself as a globally recognised brand. Today, an impressive 92.5% of its sales stem from its branded offerings, with 63.5% from the retail channel. The brand's commitment to craftsmanship and design has led to its recognition as the top furniture brand in the US, UK, and Spain, and the second in China, as confirmed by independent brand research institutes. As Natuzzi marks its 65th anniversary, the company continues to innovate and inspire, embodying its rich heritage while embracing the future of furniture design and craftsmanship.

Photo: Natuzzi.

Pasquale Natuzzi, Chairman and founder of the Company, commented, 'When I founded this Company, I never dreamed we would achieve what we have achieved today with our team. The Company has evolved and continues to evolve, but our values remain unchanged: a relentless pursuit of harmony, ethics in all forms, customer centricity, product innovation, respect and gratefulness for our artisans that, in our own Italian factories, manufacture our collections. All these elements contribute to make our vision come true and led us to be now present in over 100 markets.'

At High Point Market and Milano Design Week Natuzzi seized the opportunity to present the latest news and collections:

1. Natuzzi Italia Store Format Evolution: Natuzzi introduced an evolved version of its Natuzzi Italia store architecture, meticulously crafted with a focus on sustainability, modularity, implementation ease, and cost efficiency, placing collections at the heart of the store experience. The unveiling took place at the Durini flagship store in Milan's Design District, setting the benchmark for Natuzzi's 238 Natuzzi Italia stores worldwide.

2. Natuzzi Italia Design Studio: Recognising the significance of collaboration with the Architects & Designers Community, Natuzzi unveiled its new Design Studio concept, set to be implemented in key stores globally. This hub is tailored for the creation of comprehensive interior design projects, capitalizing on the Trade business segment, which contributes significantly to Natuzzi Italia turnover.

3. Reimagined Gallery Project: With wholesale branded operations comprising 40% of Natuzzi's business, the company introduced a revamped gallery format. This enhanced store-in-store concept promises an immersive brand experience through meticulously curated merchandising, standardising Natuzzi's brand representation within multi-brand environments.

4. Natuzzi Italia Comfortness Project: Rooted in Natuzzi's DNA, the Comfortness collection integrates comfort and wellness, embodying the brand's ethos. This collection introduces innovative products that blend Natuzzi's style with motion and technological advancements to deliver tangible wellness benefits to consumers.

5. New collections: Natuzzi Italia debuted five new models, two of which were conceived by the Natuzzi Design Center, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and design excellence. Additionally, three new designs, created in collaboration with renowned international designers Karim Rashid, Simone Bonanni, and Andrea Steidl, pay homage to Natuzzi's 65th anniversary, offering fresh interpretations of the brand's design ethos. Natuzzi Editions also introduced six new models, all designed by the Natuzzi Design Center, further enriching its product portfolio.

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