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LG Electronics introduces colour-changing refrigerator doors

'Switch colours and music to suit different moments in the kitchen'

LG Electronics (LG) introduces the InstaView with MoodU, allowing for a customisable kitchen experience. This innovative and smart refrigerator effortlessly integrates aesthetic design with the latest technological advancements. Not only do you save energy with LG InstaView, but you can also effortlessly adjust your kitchen ambience to match your mood with colour-changing fridge doors. Through various options in the ThinQ app, you can easily switch colours and music to suit different moments in the kitchen. What's more, you can make the fridge lights react to the beats of your favourite music with a special Party Mode.

Thanks to the colour-changing panels, you can effortlessly adjust the look & feel of the refrigerator to match your current mood with the Colour Mode, without incurring high costs. In the mood for a different colour? You can change the panel colours whenever you want, with a choice from no less than four hundred colour combinations. LG's InstaView with MoodUP comes equipped with a built-in bluetooth speaker combined with a special Party Mode that lets you stream your favourite music via Bluetooth. This way, not only the colour can be adjusted based on your mood, but also the music.

Control via LG ThinQ App
The LG ThinQ app allows you to easily connect with your devices. Even when you're not at home, you can remotely control devices. The ThinQ app offers smart solutions to manage LG's InstaView with MoodUP via smartphone. For instance, the app sends a notification if the fridge door is left open, lets you regulate the temperature of the fridge and freezer, or activate the quick freeze function. With the ThinQ app, you can also easily adjust colours on the panels or play songs from the music collection. In this app, you can even select different themes - such as seasons or cities - to create an ambience that perfectly matches your mood at any given moment. The ThinQ Smart Home platform ensures that smart devices - like washing machines, dishwashers, or dryers - can be interconnected. Just like with other devices, you can also monitor the energy consumption of the InstaView with MoodUP via the ThinQ app. This leads to a 'smarter' home with effortless interconnectivity between various brands and an enhanced user experience.

Equipped with the latest technological features
LG's InstaView with MoodUP combines innovation and intelligence with a stylish, sleek, and premium design, making it a true centrepiece. The smart refrigerator offers an optimal user experience, where two quick knocks on the thin mirror glass panel allow for easy access to the contents without opening the door. The sleek mirror glass becomes transparent thanks to LG InstaView, maximising energy efficiency and minimizing cold air loss, saving energy and time. Thanks to the three-phase air filter, food stays fresh longer with the even and fast performance of DoorCooling+. Convenient features such as Welcome Light and Nighttime Mood Light automatically illuminate the refrigerator, while the Door Open Alert flashes to indicate when the door has been left open for too long.

LG's InstaView with MoodUP is now available for pre-order.

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