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Luxury bathroom brand JEE-O is always distinct in its simplicity:

"Dutch Design is doing very well internationally!"

A powerful design that always stands out in its simplicity: that's what characterizes the bathroom concepts of JEE-O. The luxurious brand in bathroom products is now active in 45 countries and continues to do well internationally.

Project Massimo Villabouw @MarbleMoon.

Dutch Design
The goal of the sanitary brand is to introduce connoisseurs worldwide to the ultimate JEE-O feeling and let them discover the experience of showering and bathing in endless atmospheres. Since the establishment of the company in 2004, JEE-O has grown into an international player and the products are now available worldwide. "Dutch Design is doing very well abroad."

Gathering feedback from JEE-O customers, as well as from dealers, distributors, and agents both inside and outside the Netherlands, provides valuable knowledge and experience. It's an exchange of information, on one hand, collecting feedback from the market and on the other, informing through sales training about the JEE-O products. "Our collection features specific designs that require additional explanation, and it's important to keep our customers up-to-date so they can inform the consumer as well as possible."

JEE-O is innovative, creative, and progressive. 'The products appeal to people all over the world. Because the design collections are pronounced and each has its own style, there's something beautiful for everyone. Especially for hotels and in the hospitality market, they are looking for something special. They want to surprise and inspire their guests. With complete series, design coordination with matching washbasins, baths, and accessories, and even a sensor faucet collection, we can fully cater to this target group for their unique concepts, especially for boutique hotels.'

JEE-O is proud supplier of Cousins Boutique Hotel, where the hotel rooms are fully equipped with freestanding showers, washbasins, and faucets from the soho series.

To design the most beautiful products, JEE-O collaborates with designers from all over the world. The starting point of a new collection is a freestanding shower where design is paramount. Then, functionality is added. This approach results in unique designs that together form a complete collection to create a special bathroom concept.

The collection includes multiple series and styles with showers, faucets, baths, washbasins, toilets, and accessories. Showers and faucets are made of high-quality stainless steel, the baths and washbasins of the material DADOquartz. These are strong, durable, and maintenance-friendly.

JEE-O is proud supplier of House of Rituals in Amsterdam and all Rituals Cosmetics stores worldwide. The JEE-O pure faucet is used to experience, feel, and test the delightful products in the Rituals stores.

More information:
JEE-O International BV
Nijmegen, Netherlands
[email protected]

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