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Vibia's new Array collection offers a variety of iconic and cylindrical silhouettes

Array provides design professionals with the means to instantly enrich a space. Composed of an array of fine threads pulled taut between two aluminium rings, the collection presents a variety of elegant conical and cylindrical silhouettes that shimmer enticingly overhead, evoking a sense of refinement that can be enjoyed in any context.

Ideal for commercial spaces with high ceilings, such as hotel lobbies, retail sales points and restaurants, the collection incorporates various shapes and sizes, the largest of which extends to nearly two metres in height and 124 cm in diameter.

Statement fixtures don't have to be overbearing to make their presence known; their role is to amplify the existing qualities of a space. Solid, yet translucent, Array's majestic, three-dimensional volumes envelop rather than invade the space they occupy. Combining multiple fixtures in a hotel entrance hall guarantees a sense of dynamism and intrigue, captivating guests and influencing their perception of volume, weight and depth to create a new spatial experience.

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