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Despite the Ukrainian war, revenue increased for 70% of surveyed furniture manufacturers in 2023

The onset of the large-scale war between Ukraine and Russia resulted in a halt in the industry for several weeks, and for some, even days. In the first months of 2022 following the invasion, furniture manufacturers engaged in volunteer activities, producing anti-tank barriers, benches, and lounge chairs for heating points of the Territorial Defense Forces, as well as furniture for displaced persons centers. In September 2022, the share of companies in the sector that had completely ceased operations was 6.3%, and half of the sector was operating at a capacity of 40-60%.

70% of the surveyed entrepreneurs indicate that their revenue increased in 2023 compared to 2022. However, only 53% manage to surpass the sales results of 2021.

Furniture manufacturers quickly changed their sales strategies and tactics during wartime. The most contrasting steps were taken by retailers operating in the domestic market. Due to the large-scale invasion, supply chains for raw materials and components to Ukraine shifted. While in 2021, the main country from which Ukraine imported plywood and MDF was Belarus - 46.5% of the total imports under commodity codes 4411 and 4412, Ukraine completely refused to import chipboard, MDF, and plywood from the aggressor country and Belarus in 2022 and 2023, reducing the amount of purchases of panel materials for furniture production (groups 4410, 4411, and 4412) from $151.6 million to zero. In total, the import of chipboard, MDF, and plywood was halved from $312 million to $145 million.

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