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Design brand participates in West Flanders Furniture Days

'At Vipack, we are fully engaged in developing new furniture pieces during this period of economic downturn'

The West Flanders Furniture Days are in full swing. The 500m2 showroom of Vipack Europe is bustling with activity. Half of the showroom has been dedicated to this event by Meubar and Evan Furniture, while the other half showcases the wholesale distributor Vipack's own furniture collection. Founder and owner Geert Viaene speaks of a fruitful collaboration. 'The opportunity arose, and we thought: why not? It's a kind of cross-pollination. We're not competitors at all,' he explains.

The Belgian design brand Vipack deals in beds and furniture made from high-quality materials. During the open days, which last until March 29, visitors can get acquainted with the premium brand Jaxx Furniture, which exclusively targets the baby market.

Ruben Viaene with sister Kaat, posing by the 100% solid oak Forest collection.

At imm cologne, the Flemish family business had already showcased much of its solid oak collection. During the West Flanders Furniture Days, new items in beech are also on display, such as a loft bed. There's also a noticeable amount of new furniture in white. In other news: the commercial white youth rooms Lara and Robin, which have been successful for 10 years, will soon be available for babies in a different guise. 'It will be named Eva, inspired by Lara and Robin. We will make this new room with the same high quality but a bit more commercial. By positioning these collections more sharply in the market, we can generate more volume,' explains commercial director Ruben Viaene.

Kids love jumping on their beds. Vipack's furniture can take a beating.

Jaxx Furniture
With Jaxx Furniture, Vipack has an innovative brand in its portfolio. The inventory-holding company focuses on creating stylish, functional, and safe furniture primarily designed to offer optimal comfort and convenience to parents and babies. The range includes a variety of meticulously developed pieces, including baby cribs, changing tables, wardrobes, rocking chairs, and more. Ergonomics, versatility, and ease of use are central.

Loft beds and bunk beds are a godsend, especially in smaller bedrooms.

'From the novelties we showed at the Brussels Furniture Fair, which received a lot of positive feedback, the first pieces of furniture are now being delivered. Our new large customers are starting sales these weeks. Little by little, we're expanding the collection. There's still a lot in development, like a space-saving bed with drawers that can be used multifunctionally, also as a desk.'

Geert adds: 'As we're currently in a period of low economic activity, we've had plenty of time to develop new furniture.'
Ruben: 'We're investing heavily in new developments, to be ready as a company to broaden the market and to go into an even better collaboration with our customers. For now, we're only active with furniture, but we now also have rugs from Love by Lily, a brand that mainly targets babies and thus fits well with our Jaxx Furniture.'

New in the children's furniture market is this bunk bed with pull-out drawers.

Good value for money
According to Ruben, Vipack is one of the few suppliers in Europe that offers 100% solid oak children's furniture of A-quality. 'We always aim for a good price-quality ratio. Our furniture is often much cheaper than that of our competitors,' he notes.

At Vipack's house show, visitors can also meet Inge Van Dooren, who has recently become active as a commercial agent in the Belgian market. 'We're also actively working on the French market, while starting up in the United Kingdom. We're now active in more than 40 countries. Previously, I handled sales alone, but due to our strong growth, I can't do it by myself anymore,' says Ruben, who, along with his colleagues, will be at the upcoming Salon del Mobile Milano with new cabinets and changing tables from Forest. 'We're bringing our best products to Milan,' he announces.

Bunk beds with pull-out drawers are also available in the popular white colour.

Vipack Europe is a genuine family business. Son Ruben is in charge of daily operations, mainly focusing on sales. Father Geert handles production, daughter Kaat Viaene the back office and finances, and mother Ann Behaeghe the development of new models, with Kaat also getting involved in the near future.

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Jaxx Furniture

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