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30 years of Maison&Objet

Theme for September Edition: Terra Cosmos

2024 is set to be a cosmic year. Following on from TECH EDEN, which focused on the invigorating alliance between technology and nature, Maison&Objet and creative strategy consultancy Peclers Paris are continuing their optimistic, resilient, and stimulating exploration in September with a new theme: TERRA COSMOS.

'Where the vastness of space mingles with seemingly finite terrestrial territories... Where universal fantasies and earthly materiality collide... Where science and magic intertwine... New and lasting fictions are born, and are sure to have an impact on the real world,' says Brune Ouakrat, Strategic Planner in charge of foresight at Peclers Paris

101Copenhagen - I-Total

TERRA COSMOS deciphers these new desires and the expectations of consumers in search of awe-inspiring experiences. This cosmic vision of the future remains firmly rooted in the reality of an exhibition that is resolutely focused on novelty, creativity, and innovation.

'Connection, immersion, virtuality, smart materials, 3D, AI*... A part of the fantasy is becoming reality and consumers are ready for immersive, sensory experiences, while new aesthetics are invading into their daily lives and enchanting them once more.'

Spaces filled with new materials
These materials may be brutalist or sophisticated, iridescent or transparent, evocative of both the mineral surface of the stars as well as celestial and stellar expanses. The novelty of TERRA COSMOS is crystallised in the intensity of the materials, reflecting the formal explorations of Objects of Common Interest designers and their experimental way of working with both metal and glass.

'The materials express a sensory futurism that dresses interiors in mineral ruggedness and invests them with constellations of satellite objects. The random shapes, roundness, and ovality accentuate the cosmic aspect as much as they soften its contours. The luminaires produce vibrant halos, diffracting colours into shifting spectra and magical projections,' says Charlotte Cazals, Designer and Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris.


What's new?
'Beyond its forward-looking vision, the TERRA COSMOS theme will also be embodied at the show. Visitors will be able to find it materialised in three practical aspects: product curation, events, and the visitor route, which will be guided by the TERRA COSMOS symbol,' explains Mélanie Leroy, the exhibition's Managing Director.

'Through the eyes of our curators, François Delclaux and Elizabeth Leriche, we are offering visitors an insight into the theme that is both palpable and wellhoned,' adds Mélanie Leroy. They were given carte blanche in their interpretation of TERRA COSMOS in order to create a sense of surprise and awe in the What's New? In Retail space and the What's New? In Decor space, with a wide range of products sourced from exhibitors and integrated into inspiring displays... The What's New? In Hospitality space will be assigned entirely by the next Designer of the Year.

The theme will be evaluated, examined, and enriched at key moments of the exhibition through immersive scenography in each of the spaces, masterclasses with key opinion leaders, coaching tailored to each business, and round table discussions. The Maison&Objet galaxy The TERRA COSMOS theme and its new codes will be used throughout the Maison&Objet ecosystem, from the selections on the Maison&Objet and More – or "MOM" – platform, to showrooms and certain Paris Design Week events such as the Design sur Cours exhibitions, where designers may display their designs in the courtyards of Paris.

The 30th anniversary edition of Maison&Objet will be held 5-9 Sept. 2024.

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