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Tenzo introduces the Dakota collection:

'With the shelf, you have an infinite number of possible combinations'

Swedish furniture maker Tenzo introduces the Dakota collection, a timeless storage collection with a classic Scandinavian design. Originally designed as a modular shelving system, the collection has evolved to include new preconfigured combinations, as a quick way of getting started.

With timeless Scandinavian design and flexibility in mind, the renowned furniture designer Rutger Andersson has created Dakota, a versatile storage solution for Tenzo. The furniture adapts to various needs and spaces and the ready-to-go-combinations offer storage for every room. The collection features sides in two different heights, shelves, and door and drawer inserts in three mature and neutral colours – Cream white, Forest green, and Shadow black. The addition of a work desk shelf completes the setup, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive storage solution.

Dakota 3-section shelf in Forest green Dakota's modular design allows for easy customisation, even after assembly. You can expand the storage over time and alter the look of the shelf whenever needed. Whether you prefer a onesection open bookshelf or a more elaborate three-section storage solution with workspace and doors and drawers, Dakota provides a myriad of options to meet your storage requirements. The shelves and work desks are easily movable together with the door and drawer inserts, allowing for a dynamic and versatile design to suit evolving needs.

'With a Dakota shelf, you have an infinite number of possible combinations. It is a very flexible system and you can easily change its look even after some time,' says Rutger Andersson.

'Dakota isn't just a shelf; it's a companion that grows with you, seamlessly transitioning from the children's room to your first apartment, and from family living to mature living. Dakota can follow you through your whole life and there is a combination for each room and need. The metal sides are elegantly designed, accommodating floor skirting, while the shelves create a smooth surface without any need for hooks or fixtures. The doors and drawers feature sleek, rounded handles with elegant grooves for a comfortable grip. With the new predefined Dakota shelving combinations, you will have every possibility to create a shelf completely according to your needs, but you will get a swift and convenient start.'

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Mark van Betten, Managing Director Benelux
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