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2024 marks the tenth anniversary of Tivoli collection for Pedrali

This year Pedrali celebrates the iconic collection inspired by tradition. 2024 marks for Pedrali the tenth anniversary of Tivoli collection, designed by CMP Design. A family of seatings designed to create a product that is a witness to history and conceived to last.

'Tivoli is a chair that takes from a vocabulary of shapes coming from tradition. When you have a vocabulary you can use it to write a poem or a prose. We wanted to compose a popular song.' – CMP Design.

The name Tivoli leads the mind towards a semantic flight between two peninsulas, the Italian and the Danish one: it is a city of art that sums up many typically Italian beauties, from landscape to architecture, but it is also a famous amusement park in Copenhagen. With this choice, the designers wanted to pay homage to the design masters who, in these very lands, studied and left their mark.

Tivoli takes up traditional wooden seating with the aim of preserving, and passing on into the future the idea of inspiring conviviality. From the right combination of craftsmanship and technological innovation a new collection is born, characterised by simple, almost soft shapes, in which the comfort naturally leads the product to friendly aesthetics, with simplicity and great executive rigour.

Made of solid ash wood, the main feature of the collection is the "infinite backrest", made of three-dimensional plywood. The shell is made of a special plywood curved in two directions, which naturally supports the back line and adapts to people of all heights.

'The technical expertise of the woodworking, from the spatial development of the backrest to the connections of the structure, gives solemnity to these simple shapes, making Tivoli an object that establishes a relationship with the person, welcomes it, creates the conditions for a convivial atmosphere.' – CMP Design.

The seat recalls a drum, with a structural perimeter in solid ash wood, closed on both sides by light, moulded plywood shells. A clean design where the structural elements are perfectly integrated: the ash wood frame, the plywood seat and the three-dimensional backrest. Tivoli's wood is FSC certified. This guarantees the source of raw material from certified forests and the use of water-based coatings composed mostly of plant-derived resins express the company's attention and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The collection, which includes both chair and armchair, that are also available in upholstered versions, has been chosen for nationally renowned projects of the most diverse nature: restaurants, such as Eataly in Seoul or New York City Downtown, university campuses, including the international Campus SDA Bocconi in Milan, or hotels and resorts very different from each other, such as the five-star Familien Natur Resort Moar Gut in Grossarl or the hotel Monsieur Ernest in the typical Belgian town of Bruges.

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