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Interview with Francesc Julià Ametller, CEO Kave Home

'Our goal is to become the market leader in Europe in the affordable luxury market segment'

Kave Home integrates sustainability practices into its production process through various measures, including eco-design guidelines, localised production, and supplier adherence to environmental standards. Long-term goals include operating fully on renewable energy, achieving zero waste operations, and expanding participation in community and environmental programs. These efforts aim to minimise environmental impact and promote social responsibility within the furniture industry. InteriorDaily spoke about it with the CEO, Francesc Julià Ametller.

CEO Francesc Julià Ametller.

What inspired you to start your career as a furniture entrepreneur, and how did your background as a lathe operator influence your vision of the furniture industry?
'The desire to change lives through original and quality design. My early steps as a lathe operator taught me the importance of every single detail of a product, even the ones that customers don't perceive. I used my experience and lessons in the metal industry and applied them in the product design process, allowing me to come up with original designs that were affordable for the vast majority of the population, making sure that high quality products were not exclusive for a rather small part of the population.'

How has Kave Home evolved from a local furniture supplier into an internationally renowned brand with a presence in over 80 countries?
'The growth story of Kave Home has three main drivers: passion, team work and consistency. Our journey has been one of steady and consistent growth rather than an exponential one. By doing things the right way day in and day out and developing a strong team culture with the perfect balance of experience and youth we have been able to reach all our desired goals.

Kave Home is also an example of transformation and adaptability: we started as a reseller of third party brands, after that we became a white label wholesaler and only ten years ago we totally transformed the company by creating the Kave Home brand and directly connect with our B2C customers.'

Kave Home aims to transform the furniture, design, and decoration industry. What specific innovations and approaches differentiate the brand from its competitors, and how do these translate into a unique experience for customers?
'We are a unique company that controls the whole value chain of our products, from designing products from scratch to selling them to the end customer, while manufacturing them in our own upholstery and furniture factories. This allows us to provide our customers with original high quality pieces at affordable prices.

We have also developed an omnichannel commercial strategy that is unique in the market, especially our in-store digital experience that is quite special.'

What are Kave Home's future plans, particularly regarding expansion in Europe and further international growth? Are there specific markets or trends the brand is targeting for future expansion?
'Our goal is to become the market leader in Europe in the affordable luxury market segment. This is why we will continue with our offline expansion in Southern Europe first, then move to other regions while expanding our online presence. There is an important market opportunity in Europe that we want to tap into and create a continental loveable brand.'

The world is changing, in terms of purchasing behaviour, inflation and wars. How does Kave Home deal with this?
'A company journey is one of adaptation to a constantly changing reality: my father founded the company right after the 1979 oil crisis, we launched our very first B2B e-commerce platform in 2008 during the heaviest financial crisis of this century and even opened our second brick and mortar store 3 months before COVID. We consider the macroeconomic and political situation that we are experiencing now as a new chapter of change and adaptation that we have to go through, making sure we don't lose sight of our raison d'être and double down our efforts to strengthen our company culture and strategic strengths.'

Sustainability is a central value for Kave Home, with a focus on recycled and recyclable materials. How does the brand integrate sustainability practices into its production process, and what are its long-term goals regarding environmental friendliness and social responsibility?
'Several ways:
-Development of an eco-design guideline coupled with quality-based tests to extend the useful life of products.
-Upholstery production within Spain, leveraging a localised approach, and establishing a direct expedition system to reduce transportation emissions while optimising operational efficiency.
-Code of conduct for suppliers to ensure they adhere to our environmental and ethical standards.
-Stock optimisation, significantly reducing the obsolescence rate and improving supply chain management indicators for more efficient operations.
-Enhancing material sorting to boost reuse and recycling, aiming for over 90% classification and a 40% reduction in waste disposal at logistics platform.
-Packaging where 95% of materials are recycled.
-PV plant for onsite renewable energy generation.
-Purchase of green energy with a guarantee of origin to power operations sustainably.

Long-term Goals for environmental and social responsibility:
-Full operation on renewable energy, minimising carbon footprint and leading by example in the industry, striving towards net zero emissions.
-Zero waste operations: strive towards zero waste operations, especially in product development and logistics, significantly reducing environmental impact.
-Sustainable supplier ecosystem: enhance the sustainable supplier ecosystem by continuously improving the selection process, aiming for 100% compliance with our eco-design and ethical standards.
-Expand participation in community, environmental, and biodiversity programs.'

More information:
Kave Home - Francesc Julià Ametller
[email protected]