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'Consumers should be vigilant when purchasing products from outside the EU'

It remains unclear how a plasticizer banned in Europe has found its way into the bodies of the German adults and children examined. Products imported from outside the European Union may not comply with European legislation. It's always wise to be vigilant and check the credentials of your seller. This is reported by Waarzitwatin, a Dutch organisation that informs consumers about chemical substances present in products.

'Products offered by European online stores are generally made for the European market and comply with European laws. However, for products ordered from online stores outside the European Union, there's a risk they may not meet European standards. Caution is also advised with online stores that operate on a dropshipping model. These stores place your order with a supplier outside the EU, who then ships the product to you. This means the online store cannot verify the product's quality. It's wise to always check if an online store uses dropshipping,' the organisation explains.

'Be cautious when ordering online and consider who you're buying from. Products purchased from webshops outside the European Union and from dropshippers may not comply with European legislation.'

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