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UniFor presents Andromeda, the latest furniture collection designed by LSM Studio

Founded in 1991 by Debra Lehman Smith and Jim McLeish, LSM Studio is a global architecture and design studio. Leaders in transforming business, brands, and buildings, they have designed and consulted for some of the world's most significant organizations and are widely recognized for their ability to deliver innovative, timeless, and strategic solutions.

The studio takes pride in forming long-standing relationships with clients and collaborators that are built on trust, integrity, and respect. Designed by LSM, with efforts lead by Debra Lehman Smith and Mark Alan Andre, the UniFor Andromeda collection is emblematic of the studio's collaborative approach, building on 33-year relationship with UniFor and the support of visionary clients including: Covington, General Dynamics, Gulfstream, Milbank, and Bloomberg.

The Andromeda Collection
This new furniture collection invites you to experience the innovative blend of contemporary design, timeless elegance, engineering excellence, and unparalleled comfort. With polished aluminum as the unifying element, enhanced by glass, travertine, and refined leather, Andromeda is a testament to modern sophistication, versatile reflections, and a commitment to agelessness style backed by the strength of extruded aluminum.

Conceived with the intention of fitting elegantly into a variety of contexts, Andromeda blends naturally into workplaces, representative venues, and domestic areas. Its clean lines and attention to detail help create professional environments that reflect the company's image of innovation and prestige. In private homes, the collection becomes a distinctive element, giving uniqueness to the space.

"A decade in-the-making—and originally inspired by our clients—this collection is the culmination of my longstanding relationship with UniFor, always seeking the most exacting pieces for my global clientele, and a manufacturer who can seamlessly produce my vision with the utmost precision." (Debra Lehman Smith, LSM Founder)

UniFor's Art Director, Studio Klass, selected the Teatro Andromeda for photographing the collection. Situated about 900 meters above sea level in the Sicilian hinterland, this autarkic architecture by Lorenzo Reina provided an unparalleled backdrop, capturing the essence of delicacy, beauty, and rigor central to this collection.

"The purity of this place immediately seemed to us capable of restoring that fine line between delicacy and rigour, the conceptual heart of the collection and of UniFor. We could only speculate how the surfaces of the objects would dialogue with the surrounding space. The rest was pure exploration, a continuous chasing after the light of the place in search of the most appropriate moment. The Andromeda collection immediately merged and integrated with the theatre, capturing the very essence of the space, and making it its own. Together with Alberto Strada, we tried to bring back into photography the

feeling of freedom that the place gave us, recounting the moment of the shot in the most authentic and genuine way possible." (Marco Maturo, Studio Klass Co-Founder)

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