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Johanson and Färg & Blanche:

Sketch was made by experimenting with a carpet overlock machine

Collaboration between Färg & Blanche and Johanson extends back many years and has already resulted in several series of chairs and sofas. The latest fruit of this partnership was unveiled during Stockholm Design Week 2024. Sketch is the name given to a series of sofas where Färg & Blanche have experimented with a carpet overlock machine in order to create stand-out design features at the same time as they have pioneered new construction techniques.

Sketch is a series that was originally produced to mark the Swedish Presidency of the European Union in 2023. At the time it formed part of a Brussels-based installation that went under the name of The Yellow Thread. Now, following its introduction during Stockholm Design Week 2024, the concept is ready for its market launch. For this new version, however, the product has undergone significant further development to create flexible modular seating solutions for public spaces. Improvements have been made in terms of comfort, sizes and the components used for linking the individual modules to form armchairs, sofas and benches. Optional armrests are also available.

A perfect dialogue between material and colour
For the scenography and interior design elements of their exhibition in Brussels Färg & Blanche experimented with a carpet overlock machine. However, instead of using this in the conventional manner to overlock the edge of a carpet, they stitched together multiple layers of felt or textiles to produce the three-dimensional shapes they wanted. This made it possible to create not only walls, but also lamps, podiums and furniture, where the overlock stitch served a double function, as both a constructional element and a design feature. As part of their pioneering development process Färg & Blanche tested this technique using the Hallingdal textile from Kvadrat, a manufacturer of contemporary textiles. The duo worked with the same yarn that is normally used to make the actual Hallingdal textile.

'It lends a tactility to the edges that is otherwise hard to achieve with traditional piping cord. This creates a perfect dialogue between material and colour, in other words the edging and the textile itself,' the two designers explain.

Sketch is launched with the series' signature overlocked edging in a choice of 7 different colours of Hallingdal yarn. Each colour has been specially selected by Färg & Blanche to enable architects to create truly eye-catching combinations together with the entire collection of high-quality Hallingdal textiles. Sketch is manufactured in Sweden by skilled craftsmen and women.

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