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Interview with the Portuguese brand António Alves:

'We have several ambitions and objectives for the financial level and for our clients'

Since its inception in 1957, António Alves, Lda has evolved into a pioneering furniture manufacturer, expanding globally and earning recognition like the PME Design 2000 award. With a dedication to superior craftsmanship, the company focuses on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, positioning itself as an industry leader.

At the left Vitória Alves with the designer Nuno Alves at Maison&Objet in Paris, last January.

How has the company grown and evolved since its modest beginnings in 1957 to its recent participation in Maison&Objet in Paris?
'From the beginning of António Alves, Lda and for 13 years the company has been dedicated, almost exclusively, to the manufacturing of chairs in national Eucalyptus wood, modifying the designs and materials as required by the clients.

Since 1970, the company started to manufacture other pieces in addition to the chairs, but it was limited to a model of a bedroom, a living room and an ark. With the company's growth, new products were developed and new markets achieved. In 2000, the company was awarded the title of PME Design 2000, distinguished by the Portuguese Centre of Design.

António Alves was present in its first international tradeshow in Cologne in 1999. In 2000, and for 7 consecutive years, the company was present in one of the most prestigious international fairs in the World Salon del Mobile.Milano and confirming its presence for 16 years in Maison& object Paris.

From 2020, the company sought to innovate and stood out and has created a new and refreshed identity, revolutionary products and a redesigned perspective over the furniture market, addressing a strong message to the audience and counting on with a multidisciplinary team of experts. 2024 marked the return to Maison& Object with a bolder design concept and products very different from what we had presented in previous years' participations.'

What sets your furniture pieces apart from others in the market, and what is the main aspect of your design philosophy?
'Over the years António Alves has been recognised by the market as an exclusive brand of superior quality, with the best wood craftsmen at its disposal, and built on honesty, trust and respect for our customers. We are inspired by nature and its purity. Our new products and image reinforce this commitment. We seek to create furniture with identity, comfort and boldness.'

How has your company responded to the changing trends and demands of the furniture and interior market over the years?
'The company had to adapt to the needs of the market and the demands it presented. We sought a technological and digital transformation, based on the development of technologies that allowed changes in business models, processes and products. Furthermore, we develop commercial partnerships with other brands and renowned luxury design companies internationally and seek more collaborative relationships with a view to achieving common goals.

Our daily challenge is to reaffirm our production capabilities, show our versatility and adaptability of production and build an image of trust and our quality, in the market as a company of trust and value.'

Can you tell us more about your involvement in winning the PME Design 2000 title and how this recognition has influenced your company?
'The PME Design 2000 award, being a highly prestigious award in the sector, allowed us to give more visibility to the brand by attesting to the quality of our products and services, contributed to leveraging the brand's technological development, improving the efficiency of our production methods, encouraging good corporate practices, increased the motivation of our employees and managers.

Furthermore, it allowed us to increase our customer network and expand our products and brand into new markets.'

What are the future plans and ambitions of your company, regarding both product development and market expansion?
'We have several ambitions and objectives for the financial level and for our clients. Our greatest financial ambition is to have sustainable growth and development, achieve and maintain profitability, and ensure the long-term success of our company. We also aim to control operational and production costs that will help increase net revenue and improve the company's financial performance. Another objective we have set has to do with investing in productive innovation, with the acquisition of new machines and equipment that can improve manufacturing, logistics and distribution processes and methods, without ever compromising environmental sustainability. By investing in sustainable practices, we will promote changes in our organisational culture, and may contribute to increasing the environmental awareness of the business fabric, strengthening a mentality with sustainability principles.

As objectives for our customers, we want to ensure a competitive positioning to ensure that our products meet market and customer expectations and offer excellent customer service. Setting business objectives that seek customer satisfaction can help us serve them better, and thus be able to assert our brand in new markets and stand out from the competition in the sector.

Another primary objective is to have a greater market share, seeking to develop them with more initiatives on social networks, organizing advertising campaigns or monitoring the perceived image and performance of your brand.'

More information:
Antonio Alves
[email protected]