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An interview with Ashkan Heydari, Range Director at the Danish brand Tenksom:

'The Nordic Swan Ecolabel represents Tenksom's commitment to environmentally friendly furniture production'

The widespread acknowledgement of the need for a shift towards a more sustainable global framework has sparked a momentum that consistently generates new eco-friendly solutions. At the Danish brand Tenksom, the foremost objective is to embrace and integrate these emerging opportunities into all aspects of their operations. 'We view it as our responsibility to approach future endeavours with mindfulness, innovation, and accountability, keeping in mind the well-being of generations to come,' the brand explains. InteriorDaily recently interviewed Ashkan Heydari, Range Director at Tenksom, to gain insights in the brand's mission.

Can you tell us more about Tenksom's philosophy regarding thoughtful consumer behaviour and the importance of reevaluating consumption habits?
'Tenksom was founded with the mission of advancing and challenging the boundaries of contemporary furniture production. This drive is rooted in a commitment to elevate industry standards, particularly in terms of sustainability. The ambition is to promote the choice of furniture that aligns with a more sustainable approach, effectively taking a step in the right direction towards more sustainable consumption. This philosophy is captured in our tagline, "One Seat in the Right Direction",' Ashkan explains.

'We try to navigate commercial challenges while consistently striving to set higher standards and educate consumers. But, finding the right balance is crucial; being too far ahead of consumers might complicate and delay their decision making, effectively postponing progress on the sustainability agenda. As consumers, we are all obligated to reevaluate our consumption habits. Our collective will to prioritise the purchase of products that we want to keep over time is crucial as it is the most effective way to minimise resource consumption and pollution. As a supplier of upholstered furniture, we are obligated to design and develop products optimised for a long-life cycle. At the same time, materials must be selected, and designs developed with sustainability, disassembly, and recirculation in mind. At Tenksom we strive to honour these principles without compromising functionality, comfort, quality, or aesthetics.'

The Vivole model by Tenksom.

How does Tenksom prioritise the design and development of products with a focus on a long life cycle? Are there specific principles or criteria that guide these decisions?
'First and foremost, we have very high standards for the materials used, especially the quality of our materials. We select materials and develop designs with sustainability, disassembly, and recirculation in mind. Our products are designed for disassembly as it is key to be able to renew individual parts to prolong the lifetime of our furniture. Moreover, all our products have detachable covers for easy maintenance, and all our designs and packaging are optimised to ensure minimised CO2 emissions in relation to both transport and storage. Lastly, we have a dedicated construction team that not only ensures and tests the construction but also engineers it. This ensures we use the minimum number of materials needed while maintaining a long lifespan. In doing so, we can offer customers a 10-year warranty on our frames.'

The criteria Tenksom adheres to.

In your role as a supplier of upholstered furniture, how does Tenksom approach the selection of materials with sustainability, disassembly, and recirculation in mind?
'The careful selection of materials comes first, and secondly, a thorough assessment is conducted for all suppliers utilising our Code of Conduct. As a supplier of upholstered furniture, we have a mission within sustainability to accelerate our customers' transition to sustainable products, and our vision is to develop and create lasting solutions that raise the bar for sustainability across the industries we operate in. As such, we are committed to taking responsibility for our entire supply chain impact, environmentally and socially, which requires close cooperation with our suppliers and high levels of transparency.'

The Arthon model by Tenksom.

Some of the Tenkoms models, the Arthon, Kayto and Tokey are even Nordic Swan Ecolabeled: 'The Nordic Swan Ecolabel represents Tenksom's commitment to environmentally friendly furniture production, meeting stringent standards. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification is one of the worlds most strict environmental certifications and is only awarded to products meeting ambitious environmental criteria. It encompasses resource efficiency, reduced climate impact, a non-toxic circular economy, and biodiversity conservation, with a strong health focus. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel evaluates the entire lifecycle, emphasising quality and durability from raw materials to disposal. It symbolises Tenksom's dedication to holistic sustainability in furniture manufacturing,' says Ashkan.

Tenksom presented products at the imm cologne fair. What was presented there and how were the models received?
'We showed versions of our entire range at imm and it was very well received by our visitors. As expressed we have a mission to help accelerate our customers' transition to sustainable products. In that relation, Tenksom is a very strong tool for our partners as we have a full concept built around good sustainable practices that can help elevate the efforts our customers are making in this arena.'

Looking ahead, what is Tenksom's vision for the future in terms of sustainable design and responsible consumer behaviour? Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that align with these goals?
'We will constantly work on new project as we continue our journey with Tenksom. In the years ahead, we plan to introduce additional models, incorporating both our existing knowledge and, where possible, integrating new insights to further improve our current designs. Ensuring a combination of commercial aesthetics and best in class comfort is of utmost importance to us in the products we craft and design.'

The Vivole model by Tenksom.

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