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Interview with international lighting brand Quasar:

'We were the first to incorporate LED into a decorative fixture'

In the realm of lighting design, Quasar has carved out a distinct niche for itself since its inception in 1992. With a commitment to innovation, customisation, and collaboration with renowned designers, Quasar has consistently stood out in the competitive international lighting market. Let's delve deeper into what sets Quasar apart and how it has continued to thrive amidst evolving industry trends and challenges.

The owners John (left) and Arjens van Gammeren.

How has Quasar managed to stand out in a competitive international lighting market?
'Since 1992, Quasar has distinguished itself by introducing surprising designs to the market, often made from genuine materials or new sources of light. Quasar managed to differentiate itself from the rest by doing something different. For instance, we were one of the first, perhaps even the very first decorative lighting manufacturer to incorporate LED into a decorative fixture. By doing this, we made a leap within the industry. We were innovative and bold.

Another key feature of Quasar is the provision of custom solutions. Customers can choose a design from the base collection that can be customised in size and/or colour/finish, making it suddenly fit into their interior or project, whether classic or modern. In this way, we meet the end customer's needs. Providing custom solutions continues to contribute to our success. This makes Quasar strong and has secured a prestigious position in the global market. Over the years, Quasar has collaborated with renowned designers like Jan des Bouvrie, Jan Pauwels, Edward van Vliet, Niels van Eijk, and many others. More and more designers are approaching us with the request to design for Quasar.'

What are some distinguishing features of Quasar's designs that set them apart from other players in the lighting industry?
'Quasar originally worked with genuine materials, mainly metals such as stainless steel, brass, and bronze. When the collection was expanded in the 2000s to include a variety of contemporary designs, more materials were added. Quasar also continuously strives to introduce fixtures to the market that are innovative, either in shape or the integration of new technologies, yet still timeless in design. By giving customers the option to choose different materials or finishes, the fixture can be adapted to various ambience styles. This has broadened our target audience.'

Booth at Designpost.

What role have designers played in the growth and development of Quasar?
'The Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie and the Flemish designer Jan Pauwels played a significant role in the company's growth in the early years. Both came up with designs that were well received by consumers. Starting with a small number of lamps, the collection quickly grew, allowing us to showcase our collection at trade fairs.'

Quasar has chosen to merge all collections into a single collection. What is the reason behind this decision and how has it contributed to strengthening the positioning?
'Previously, we had three collections within our brand, allowing the customer to immediately find the matching ambience/collection. This gave Quasar a clear picture of what the Quasar customer ultimately sought. We discontinued the technical lighting since it was not sought after with us. By providing custom solutions, we were able to make all fixtures from the remaining collections suitable for the customer, allowing for the elimination of the division and enabling the customer to find a suitable product from the new combined collection. This decision also contributed to strengthening our position.'

Quasar has a new stand at the Design Post in Cologne. Why was this chosen?
'Since the coronavirus period, we have seen clear changes in participating in fairs such as Euroluce/Salone/Light&Building etc. Fewer exhibitors, fewer visitors. Therefore, in addition to participating in selective fairs, we are looking for new ways to create presentation opportunities in locations that are longer and easily accessible to our customers. With our showroom in Giessen, showroom in ETC Culemborg, and now in Cologne, we have three locations within Europe that are easily accessible for our European customers and agents. In Design Post, our newest models are currently on display, along with an overview of our current collection.'

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