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Interview with the Spanish brand Ormo's

'The idea was to design the ideal sofa and armchair from four very different points of view'

ORMO'S presents Iconic, its new collection, developed in collaboration with four of the most prominent interior designers in Spain: Pepe Leal, Alejandra Pombo, Patricia Bustos, and Erico Navazo, a regular collaborator with the Sevillian company. 'We wanted to give a twist to the proposal, and for that, we selected a group of national designers with very different personalities and styles whom we commissioned to create two seats – a chair or armchair and a sofa – with total freedom. We were clear that they should be four, two men and two women, and, with Erico already fixed, it was a matter of choosing the rest following a double criterion: that their perspectives were complementary and their trajectories definitive. And the truth is that we formed an extraordinary team,' explains Antonio Moreno, manager of Ormo's.

The 'ICÓNICA' collection is a result of collaboration with four of the best national interior designers. Can you share insights into how this collaboration came about, and what unique perspectives and expertise each designer brought to the collection?
'We were looking for four completely different but complementary designer profiles. The idea was to design the ideal sofa and armchair from four very different points of view and from highly qualified and recognised visions within Spanish and European interior design.

The collection is described as 'unusual.' Could you elaborate on the distinctive features and design elements that make 'ICÓNICA' stand out in the world of interior design, and how it reflects an increased commitment to design excellence?
'Iconic is a collection designed from the freedom of each designer and without any kind of corses. The only premise we set was to design a sofa and an armchair. It has been designed with the style of each designer and their search for beauty.'

Presenting a new collection at Maison&Objet in Paris is a significant platform. How was the collection received by the public, and were there specific design elements or pieces that garnered notable attention during the exhibition?
'The reception of the new collection at Maison & Objet was a great success both for the general public and for our fellow exhibitors who were also presenting their new products. We also counted on the presence of each of them, to whom customers were able to ask them all the doubts and concerns they had about their designs directly, as well as have their photographs taken.'

Maison&Objet provided an opportunity to present the collection to a wide audience. How does the company approach engaging with the public and the design community on such occasions, and what kind of impact do you hope 'ICÓNICA' will have in shaping trends and perceptions in interior design?
'We hope that this new collection will inspire many interior designers and will also serve to make Spanish interior design known to the rest of the world. It will also serve to publicise the rest of our catalogue and options for made-to-measure manufacturing, with a wide variety of styles.'

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