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Maison&Objet in Paris marked the celebration of Duistt's 10 years

'We design refined and sophisticated pieces aiming to provide major comfort and quality'

Duistt is a Portuguese high-end furniture brand. Born in Porto in 2014, the company breaths history and modernity. They blend ancient knowledge and techniques with contemporary aesthetics. They were present at Maison&Objet in Paris to celebrate their 10 years anniversary.

Duistt designs refined and sophisticated pieces aiming to provide major comfort and quality. 'We pursue perfection in every details of our designs. Handmade pieces crafted with art that are absolutely unique and can last generations.'

Duistt emphasises that good design is made to last and span generations. Could you delve into the philosophy behind this commitment and how it shapes the design process to ensure longevity and timelessness in your products?
'Duistt values a visually appealing design, that fulfils its function, but also lasts over time. Timelessness is achieved using high-quality and refined materials together with traditional craftsmanship. When thinking about the shapes and lines, the mid-century style is the biggest source of inspiration, bringing some versatility to place the designs in different environments.'

All Duistt products are made by hand and to order, allowing for customisation in sizes and materials. How does the handcrafted approach contribute to the quality and uniqueness of your pieces, and what role does customisation play in meeting the diverse needs of your clients?
'Customisation offers the flexibility that our target audience is looking for. As we work mostly with professionals, we understand that allowing the client to choose the materials, finishes and even the dimensions that suit their project is essential, and we are often surprised by the customisations made.'

At the right: the redesigned of Julius Dining Chair, originally designed in 2014.

Duistt places importance on expertise and traditional techniques passed down through generations. How does the brand actively preserve and support these traditional methods in the production of your furniture?
'The made-to-order production process and the craftsmanship are and will always be valued by Duistt. In addition to reinforcing exclusivity and allowing us to work on details in the best possible way, it is done by experienced artisans who pass on their legacy from generation to generation. Developing their work with mastery using traditional techniques combined with innovations that can make the work more fluid and practical.'

Maison&Objet in Paris marked the celebration of Duistt's 10 years. How has Duistt evolved, and what milestones have been particularly significant during this period?
'The last 10 years were certainly full of challenges, learning, and experiences that made us evolve and build a portfolio with customers who are loyal and trust in our work, which is very gratifying and gives us the certainty that we are in the right way.'

Mariana Rodrigues with Rita Vasconcelos from DUISTT at the booth at Maison&Objet in Paris.

In order to celebrate Duistt 10 years special landmark, Duistt releases the redesigned of Julius Dining Chair, originally designed in 2014 and one of the brand best sellers.

Julius Chair 10y is crafted in a new concept structure in Mutenye wood that keeps exploring the use of clean lines and distinct silhouette of Julius Collection. Shape, contrast, and visual appeal make this pleasing, refined handmade design piece.
Custom sizes and materials available. Handmade in Portugal.

More information:
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