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Interview with Helene Ogeborg, owner of the Swedish carpet manufacturer Ogeborg

'The idea to create a carpet collection together sparked spontaneously'

The Swedish carpet manufacturer Ogeborg and Monica Förster Design Studio present the carpet collection: "I Inherited a Forest!" during the Stockholm Design Week. The collaboration is inspired by the unique nature in the area around Dorotea, Lapland, where Monica Förster hails from.

'Avaträsk, Dorotea, Southern Lapland. I never wanted to come here, always longed to leave. For me, the forest was just a bunch of trees, I didn't see what I see now. But then my father died and I inherited a forest. At first, I thought about selling it, but I didn't want to rush or maybe cut the cord completely. Sweden is so big, and we have the forest behind us. It is the home of many people and an important source of our country's prosperity. My forest has become carpets, it inspired me. It wasn't just the forest that taught me about carpets, but also the carpets that taught me about the forest. Why do we go into the forest and onto the mountain, why do we sit and look at the sea? What does that mean for us humans? For me, the carpets were a way to approach this topic, and I think this is the beginning of an artistic exploration that could be much more,' says Monica Förster.

The carpet collection "I Inherited a Forest" consists of ten carpets and wall hangings with the names: Fjället, Myren, Ljungen, Fjällheden, Älven, and Skogen. The collection consists of hand-tufted carpets, manufactured in Portugal, and printed carpets, manufactured in Italy. The yarn is a blend of wool and viscose/Tencel. The carpets are also available in other sizes upon request.

Interview with Helene Ogeborg, owner of the Swedish carpet manufacturer Ogeborg

Ogeborg is a family-owned business, founded by your father over 60 years ago, producing sustainable carpets for private and public spaces. Can you tell us how the company has evolved in the 20 years that you have been leading it?
'We embraced sustainability early on, always striving for the highest quality in our products and European production. I continued this ethos while also developing the artistic side, introducing the Ogeborg Design Collection, which has garnered much attention with its colors, shapes, and patterns, complementing our standard collections excellently.'

Ogeborg has collaborated with renowned designers such as Claesson Koivisto Rune, Luca Nichetto, Note Design Studio, Tekla Evelina Severin - to name a few - and you are currently presenting the collection "I Inherited a Forest" with Monica Förster. This is your first collaboration. Could you please tell us how it came about? 'Monica and I knew each other from the industry, but it was at an evening event where Monica showed me beautiful photos of the forest she inherited in Lapland that the idea to create a carpet collection together sparked spontaneously. Monica began sketching based on the images, and together we selected colours, yarns, and various materials. We later travelled to Portugal to see the initial samples, where we discovered a machine error that pulled the yarn out, creating an interesting effect, which we incorporated into the carpet "Ljungen". We then sent a photographer to Lapland to capture beautiful nature photos for the exhibition and catalogue, and we are very proud of this exceptional collection.'

A carpet can make a significant difference in the overall impact of a room. What do you think are the "carpet trends" in residential or public spaces for the coming year and years to come?
'We see a trend towards much larger carpets than before, to create a cosier environment. There is also a boldness in using more colour, patterns, and a desire to be unique. People want to personalise their homes very much. Carpets are allowed to take up more space, even hang on walls. Materials and sustainable production are, of course, always important considerations.'

For over 20 years, Helene Ogeborg has been the managing owner of the Swedish carpet manufacturer, founded in 1963 by her father Paul Ogeborg, soon joined by her mother Gull-Britt Ogeborg. Ogeborg was initially run from the family kitchen table, and as Helene and her brother Jan grew up, the whole family was involved. The focus was on high-quality carpets for private and public spaces, and when Jan Ogeborg took over the management in the 1990s, he added a modern and innovative focus on the environment. An important decision was made to work in Europe to ensure good working conditions, non-toxic production, and reduced transport footprint. When Helene Ogeborg took over the reins in 2003, high quality and sustainability were still a given, and with her understanding of expression, she added a strong design focus. In addition to hand-tufted and hand-woven carpets, the range includes all types of textile floor coverings as well as leather, cork, and quartz stone.

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