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Massproductions unveils "The Ultimate Dandy"

A decade after its debut, Massproductions' Dandy collection expands with a long-awaited 3-seater version, previewed at Stockholm Design Week in the exhibition "The Ultimate Dandy" at Nordiska Galleriet Archives.

In the recently "The Ultimate Dandy" exhibition at Nordiska Galleriet Archives, three leopard-print Dandy Sofas took centre stage in a curated space by Massproductions, alongside with artists Niklas Blomkvist and Truls Mårtensson. Together, they fashioned a Bohemian atmosphere that celebrated art and the finer aspects of life. Niklas featured sketches and paintings of notable dandies while Mårtensson exhibited three glazed ceramic works portraying ashtrays.

'When I met Bengt Thornefors (creative director at Sahco) and he was sneaking a peek at what they were going to release this year, my eyes fell on a really nice leopard print wool fabric. An unexpected combination but so damn nice. Dressing our new Dandy 3-seater sofa in that fabric kind of tied the knot in a nice way,' co-founder Magnus Elebäck says. 'Niklas is a close friend and a true Dandy. In his artistry, he has devoted a large part to portraying his role models and sources of inspiration. Not infrequently both male and female dandies. Both Niklas and Truls work in an unforced and seemingly fast technique that I admire. Their works help to create a whole while their fantastic objects in themselves.'

About Massproductions
Founder Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin took on big league clients, and then ten years later decided to launch their own furniture design and production company, Massproductions. The two designers, sharing vision of functional, elegant, modern design, decided to break free of PR-driven product strategies to create a modernist furniture company focusing on the interplay between object and context. Massproductions alludes to the beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production. By working closely with the engineers and machine operators at their production facilities, the company ensures the integrity of their vision down to every cut and bend.

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