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The Gencork c(AI)rcle at Maison&Objet:

'A creative connection between expanded black cork, AI and sustainability'

Peclers Paris invited Gencork to present its creative vision regarding the intersection of technology and nature. Led by Creative Director and Computational Designer Le Brimet, the Spectroom Design team introduced the concept of Naturology, a fusion of Nature and Technology, implementing innovative generative artificial intelligence tools. Drawing from extensive generative computational knowledge, the creative team capitalised on the unique attributes of Sofalca Expanded Black Cork, which is sustainable and 100% natural.

They explored advanced artificial intelligence techniques inspired by biomimetic, where nature is the foundation of this co-creation process. The biological complexity of the form explored a multi-platform collaboration, seamlessly integrating software and hardware.
The Aesthetic quality emerged through algorithms interpreting formal inputs introduced by AI, resulting in a dynamic organism that appears to be in constant flux. Production involved CNC milling machines, which materialised the collaborative process between human man and AI, rendering it tangible and evoking a distinctive sensory experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the histories of Gencork, Spectroom, and Sofalca, collectively pioneering the application of AI in Art and Design.

A circular structure, based on biomimetic principles, reproducing the organic nature, decoded by humans in co-creation with algorithmic computation that unveils new paths for contemporary art and design. The c(AI)rcle is a sustainable and conscious statement with a pioneering view of the world. The c(AI)rcle is our planet asking to be seen with a new vision.

'For the sixth time, we showcased our generative cork walls in Paris. We extend our gratitude to all visitors for being part of this journey, celebrating not only design and sustainability but also the 30-year milestone of one of the most important design fairs in Europe. Maison&Objet reinvented itself and opened its doors to new brands and concepts. Step by step, we are collecting events, expanding our network, and surprising people with our vision and passion.'

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