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Belid launches collection designed by Färg & Blanche

'We wanted to create a classic Belid lamp in metal, but with a twist'

During Stockholm Furniture Fair, Belid presented a new lamp collection signed by the design studio Färg & Blanche. Belid's factory in Varberg and the brand's heritage within craftsmanship have been intertwined with Färg & Blanche's exploratory expression. The collection is manufactured in Varberg and made out of metal and the combination of metal and opal glass. All produced according to the rules of the craftsmanship in art.

Belid's factory and headquarter are located on the Swedish west coast, just north of Varberg. About 200,000 lamps are manufactured each year, the majority are designed by in-house designers and some in collaboration with external ones. The new Bird collection is designed by Färg & Blanche, founded by the design duo Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche. A collaboration that resulted in a new kind of expression for Belid.

'As a designer, it is incredibly inspiring to have a factory so local and close at hand. The craftsmanship is really present, which became the starting point when we began sketching. We wanted to create a classic Belid lamp in metal, but with a twist. You often start from symmetrical shapes when turning metal. We started from the opposite, the asymmetrical shape that also distinguishes the Bird collection,' says Emma Marga Blanche.

The focus on craftsmanship and metalworking has characterised Belid's lamps ever since the start in 1969. Today, all lamps are made from Swedish sheet steel and even though the manufacturing processes have developed with new tools, the manual craftsmanship is well preserved. For the lamps in the Bird collection, a variety of techniques are used such as punching, tensile pressing, pressure turning and edge rolling, all made with precision and in true craftsmanship spirit.

'We are very proud of our factory and the heritage of classic Swedish craft tradition which Emma and Fredrik have managed to capture in a timeless and new way. The meeting between the brand Belid and Färg & Blanche became exactly what we hoped for. A perfect match between tradition and innovation,' says Joakim Fihn, Head of Design at Belid.

The name Bird is reflected in the shape of the lamps where a bird can be sensed in the silhouette. The collection is launched in the color sand with a matte finish with brass details. Parts of the collection also come in white opal glass in combination with a selection of complementary colours.

'We were inspired, not only by the factory in Varberg, but also by the city with its coastline and beautiful sandy beaches. The sandy color is a direct result of that. Thereto, the additional colors on the pendant and the table lamp provides several possibilities, both in terms of use and personal style,' says Fredrik Färg.

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