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Caffe Latte Home shares tips:

The art of designing a cushy living room

A cushy living room is a sanctuary where relaxation meets opulence, and every element is carefully curated to provide the ultimate comfort. The term "cushy" takes centre stage when creating a living room that not only prioritises comfort but also exudes an unmistakable sense of luxury. By incorporating plush seating, luxurious textiles, ample pillows, and personalised touches, you can create a space that not only looks inviting but feels like a haven of indulgence. See how with the Portuguese brand Caffe Latte Home.

Café Gommosa is an energising, sweet, and pleasant drink, a delicate expresso over some soft marshmallows. Gommosa Modular Sofa combines and transpires those exact characteristics. The rounded, organic shapes of the sofa, with such a delicious and comfortable appeal of the upholstery. Soft as a marshmallow and exciting as the expresso, this sofa is the ultimate homage to comfort, appealing to the cosiness and warmth of the living room.

Philip Center Table takes Ezra’s challenging concepts of design and interprets them in an all-new and natural way. The structure of this magnificent centre table turns around the different variations of the geometrical round shape and follows the unusual base idea of the fabulous dining table.

Another name for an espresso cup, this armchair takes its shape precisely from it. Flawlessly curved to embrace the user, ergonomy is the keyword for this piece with its sublime design and soft seating. The discreet wide and elegant foot is the perfect little detail for creating the final expression of the Demitasse Armchair. The perfect piece of upholstery for your modern design.

A Mexican coffee designated Altura means that it was grown at high altitudes, creating a wonderful aroma, depth of flavor, and pronounced sharpness. The Altura Mirror creates the same feelings in your living room or other areas. With balanced and cleanly designed mirrors on both sides and adaptability with swivel panels for a different experience each time. Sharp straight lines for a modern appeal and bronze mirror finishes for that subtle, yet pronounced, chicness.

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