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New collections by Kristina Dam Studio

'Not just a functional piece but also a work of sculptural art'

Kristina Dam Studio, based in Copenhagen, released its new items: the Foldable, Rock and Bow Series.

The Foldable Series, produced in Poland, is the latest addition to the furniture collection, encompassing a bookshelf, side table, and console. Each piece merges industrial with refined aesthetics. Inspired by simple warehouse shelving, The Foldable Series features brushed stainless steel and L-profiles for a minimalist, foldable design. Visible joints and bold bolts add distinctive character. As the name suggests, the bookshelf effortlessly unfolds to achieve a flatpack form for shipping.

The Rock Series embodies the studio's commitment to blending natural elements with contemporary design and features the Rock Vase and Rock Candle Holder, both exemplifying a harmonious blend of raw marble and polished steel. The Rock Series is distinguished by its bold interplay of forms, where the precision of modern design meets the raw, organic beauty of nature.

'Each piece in the series presents a visually striking contrast, combining the sleek, cylindrical shape of brushed stainless steel with the rugged, unrefined top of black marble. This juxtaposition creates a sense of balance and tension, making each item not just a functional piece but also a work of sculptural art,' the brand explains. The series utilises high-quality brushed stainless steel and exquisite black marble. The steel's contemporary finish offers durability and a clean aesthetic, while the marble's raw, unpolished top adds a tactile, bespoke quality.

The Bow Series introduces a bedspread and pillows that embody a blend of tranquillity and distinctive materiality. The way the straps fold around the bedspread and pillows slightly protrude from the edges draws inspiration from raw furniture upholstery, adding a touch of artisanal charm. Crafted from 100% ├ľko-tex, undyed cotton, it is ensuring a natural, conscious choice. The woven bands feature a dyed black stripe, providing an eye-catching offset contrast to the natural cotton base. The bedspread falls heavily on the bed, creating an elegant, draped effect, while the pillows add a layer of comfort and style.

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