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Alleged property fraudster steals €500K from couple after renovating Marbella home

Danish expats Kim Gabrielsen and his wife, Rita, find themselves embroiled in a complex legal dispute following an alleged property scam involving British national David Topping in Marbella. The couple, who invested significantly in the renovation of a luxury villa, now face the daunting prospect of losing up to €500,000 as a result of Topping's fraudulent activities.

Court documents reveal that Topping, along with his Brazilian wife, Miria Boisard, has been convicted in absentia by a Malaga court for their alleged involvement in the scheme. The methods of the accused involved soliciting investments from individuals like Kim and Rita to fund villa renovations, only to disappear once the properties were sold, leaving investors facing substantial financial losses.

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Topping's questionable history extends beyond Marbella, with previous allegations of financial mismanagement resulting in his disqualification as a furniture company director in 2013. The company, Cresta Furniture, collapsed under financial strain, leaving creditors and customers in distress.

In their pursuit of justice, Kim and Rita have turned to an unexpected source for assistance: Topping's daughter, Larissa Kimberlly, a well-known influencer based in Madrid with a significant following on TikTok. Rita alleges that Kimberlly possesses knowledge of her parents' whereabouts but has declined to cooperate in aiding the victims.

Despite Kimberlly's social media prominence, her involvement in her parents' alleged wrongdoing underscores the complexities of the situation. Rita recounts an encounter with Kimberlly in Marbella, where the influencer acknowledged her parents' actions but refused to disclose their location.


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