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Interview with Founder Clément Sinibaldi from French Songe Mobilier

'Behind such simplicity, there is a lot of technical study to make the product appear so simple'

Songe takes the stance of delicacy and refinement through furniture that is both fluid in its curves and remarkable in its straight lines. The Songe brand is the result of the imagination and work of Clément Sinibaldi. Inspired by his travels around the world, he decided to combine his experiences with his vision of the French art of living, thus offering exclusive furniture.

InteriorDaily asked Clément Sinibaldi from the French interior brand some questions about their designs, participation at Maison&Objet and sustainability.

Founder Clément Sinibaldi.

The use of rare and precious materials in your designs is intriguing. Could you share insights into the inspiration behind exploring and utilising these materials to enhance interior spaces?
'First, I went to the marble factory (I collaborated with them on interior project). When I entered in their showroom where all kinds of precious marble are exposed, my eye quickly fell on the Patagonia and Onyx, which are currently part of my collection. I literally fell in love with these two stones. The idea behind using natural materials is to make each piece unique, like a work of art dedicated to an individual.'

Songe seems to embrace a responsible approach to design, countering the prevailing model of overconsumption. How does your brand integrate sustainability and timelessness into its furniture design philosophy?
'Songe is a responsible brand. We utilise leftover marble instead of complete slabs. We employ a short supply chain, with everything manufactured in Toulon, in the south of France. The materials used are timeless and will not degrade year after year.'

Recently, Songe participated as an exhibitor at Maison&Objet in Paris. Could you share the company's experience at the event? What products were presented, and how were they received by visitors? Were there any notable reactions or feedback?
'We were indeed present at Maison&Objet. We received so many compliments, our pieces were selected among 12 products throughout the exhibition by magazines, which is simply incredible to us. All of our products were praised by clients, the use of rarely seen marble in the public eye, and our dining table with its light and suspended aspect with our glass feet.'

Promoting sustainable and timeless design can sometimes pose challenges in a market driven by trends. How does Songe navigate these challenges and communicate the value of a more enduring approach to potential clients?
'We offer products with sustainable and timeless design, as we have very simple, fluid shapes. But behind such simplicity, there is a lot of technical study to make the product appear so simple. We strive to make our products timeless, and we are confident in doing so.'

Looking ahead, what is the future vision for Songe in terms of design, materials, and sustainability?
'We are currently developing a new process with our partner to significantly reduce the impact of marble waste and incorporate them into our future collections.'

More information:
Songe Mobilier
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